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Gabriel Eduardo Saporta was born on October 11, 1979, and is a powerhouse of talent many aspire to be. He is an Uruguayan-American musician and singer who belongs to a Jewish family that settled in Uruguay during World War II. However, Saporta is an American by heart since he moved to New York when he was four. Today, he is recognized as the talent who was behind the success of the electronic pop group Cobra Starship. He is also an entrepreneur who always seems to be bursting with creative ideas.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Gabe Saporta

Birth date:

October 11, 1979



Zodiac Sign:



6' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

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Born in Uruguay, Gabe Saporta and his family moved to the U.S. when he was four. When they migrated, his family experienced a financial crisis while his father continued to study at medical school. The family included Saporta, his parents, and his two-year-old brother — all residing in a one-bedroom apartment in Queens. While the family struggled to make ends meet, Saporta developed a love for music. For him, music was the only way out of the misery he was experiencing in life. Music gave him control and made him happy.

Like all teenagers, Saporta experimented with different music genres, till one day, he came across punk rock. From there he was hooked and spent a massive amount of his time listening to bands such as Gorilla Biscuits, Fugazi, and Pavement. At 16, he joined a band called Humble Beginnings as a bass player. In 1998, he co-founded a band called Midtown and they worked on an album together. The group released one EP and three LP albums.

When he was 21, Saporta became a part of another band called Armor For Sleep and started managing it. Saporta then became the singer for the electronic pop group Cobra Starship. From thereon, fame and Saporta have been walking hand in hand. From 2006 to 2014, the band Cobra Starship released four full-length albums and scored two double-platinum Top 10 hits. They also received a gold record for the single ‘Hot Mess.’

Career timeline

Saporta Makes a New Beginning

He is featured in ‘Hey There Ophelia.’

The Band Makes Its Final Release

Cobra Starship releases its final album, “Night Shades.”

The Band Performs with Justin Bieber

Cobra Starship performs with Justin Bieber during his South American stadium tour.

Saporta Establishes TAG

He launches TAG with Mike Carden.

Why We Love Gabe Saporta

  1. He’s a talented musician

    Saporta has several fans because he is a talented musician and singer. He is also behind the success of several bands, such as Cobra Starship and Midtown.

  2. He’s an entrepreneur

    Apart from being super talented, Saporta also has the mind of an entrepreneur and is willing to put in the time and money to achieve success. That’s why he has invested in a restaurant and real estate.

  3. He gives rise to talent

    Saporta has also earned a name in the music industry for supporting and managing bands he deems talented. He has helped pave the way for many upcoming musicians.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He shares details from his teen years

    Saporta revealed it all in 2010 in an MTV episode of “When I Was 17.”

  2. He has many other talents

    Saporta is involved in other ventures, including restaurants, real estate, and fashion.

  3. He suffered from vocal damage

    He damaged his voice permanently by delaying surgery on a cyst on his vocal cords.

  4. Success took an emotional toll on him

    Saporta admitted that he was the least happy when he was most successful.

  5. He planned a romantic proposal

    Saporta proposed to his now wife while vacationing in Barbados.

Gabe Saporta FAQs

Where is Gabe Saporta from?

Saporta is from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Is Gabe Saporta married?

Yes. He is married to Erin Fetherston.

Who is the lead singer in Cobra Starship?

Gabe Saporta is the lead singer of the band.

Gabe Saporta’s birthday dates

2024October 11Friday
2025October 11Saturday
2026October 11Sunday
2027October 11Monday
2028October 11Wednesday

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