Bae Suzy

Bae Su-ji, known professionally as Bae Suzy, is a South Korean singer, actress, and model born on October 10, 1994. She is best known as a former girl group Miss A member, under JYP Entertainment. Suzy has been in music since 2010 and has made a name for herself. She’s also a talented actress who made her television debut in the 2011 series “Dream High.” The following year, she made her film debut in “Architecture 101.” Suzy has a successful career that comes with fame and wealth. So, join us to celebrate her birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Bae Su-ji


Bae Suzy

Birth date:

October 10, 1994



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$25 million

Bae's Social Media:


Bae Su-ji a.k.a Bae Suzy, is a South Korean singer, actress, and model whose talents have earned her fame and success. She’s a Libra, born on October 10, 1994, in Buk District, Gwangju, South Korea. Suzy has two siblings, and she attended Seoul’s School of Performing Arts, graduating in 2013. Before this time, Suzy worked as an online fashion model.

In 2009, Suzy auditioned for “Mnet Superstar K” but got eliminated after the preliminary stage. This is where she caught the attention of a JYP Entertainment scout and became a trainee of the label. In March 2010, Suzy became a member of the Miss A girl group, she then went ahead to host the “Seoul Music Awards” and other award ceremonies. Suzy made her acting debut in “Dream High” in 2011 and 2012, and she made her film debut in “Architecture 101.” Moving on to 2015, she played Jin Chae-sun in “Sound of a Flower” and in the following year, she released a single which won Best Collaboration at the Mnet Asian Music Awards with Exo’s Baekhyun, titled ‘Dream.’ Her wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong also appeared in 2016. Suzy then made her debut as a solo artist in 2017 with the album “Yes? No?” In December that year, the Miss A girl group disbanded, and in 2019, she left JYP Entertainment after her contract expired. Later on, in 2020, she starred in “Start Up.”

Now, after a four-year hiatus, Suzy returned to the music scene with a single ‘Satellite’ in February 2022. Asides from music and acting, Suzy has a thriving modeling career. She is the House ambassador for Dior and Longines, to name a few. Suzy keeps a tight-lipped personal life. However, while she is currently single, she was in a relationship with actor Lee Min Ho for a while. She shares her success with friends and family.

Career timeline

The Girl Group

Suzy becomes a member of the Miss A girl group.

The Film Debut

Suzy makes her film debut in “Architecture 101.”

The Role in "Sound of a Flower"

Suzy plays Jin Chae-sun in “Sound of a Flower.”

The Debut Solo Album

Suzy makes her debut as a solo artist with the album “Yes? No?”

The Return to Music

Suzy releases a single ‘Satellite' after a four-year hiatus.

Why We Love Bae Suzy

  1. She’s a philanthropist

    Suzy has contributed to countless causes. In 2014, she donated about $35,000 to victims of the Sewol ferry sinking and has since made more donations to other relief causes.

  2. She’s talented

    Suzy is an exceptional actress, singer, and model. She’s the triple threat to South Korea’s entertainment industry.

  3. She’s stunning

    Suzy is very stunning. She looks great in everything.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s a trailblazer

    Bae Suzy is the first Korean female celebrity to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

  2. She made millions in 2013

    After receiving over 14 endorsement deals in 2013, Suzy made over $7 million.

  3. Suzy is an organ donor

    Suzy is a registered organ and tissue donor.

  4. She went to school with Kai

    Suzy, Kai, Sehun, and other K-pop idols went to the same high school.

  5. She has allergies

    Suzy is allergic to cats.

Bae Suzy FAQs

Who is South Korea’s, first love?

Bae Suzy is referred to as the Nation’s First Love.

Why did Bae Suzy break up?

The reason for the breakup between Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy was revealed to be personal.

What languages does Bae Suzy speak?

She speaks English and Korean.

Bae Suzy’s birthday dates

2024October 10Thursday
2025October 10Friday
2026October 10Saturday
2027October 10Sunday
2028October 10Tuesday

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