Ashlee Simpson

Ashley Nicolle Simpson-Ross, known professionally as Ashlee Simpson, is an American pop singer, actress, dancer, and fashion designer born on October 3, 1984. Simpson is best known as the younger sister of actress and singer Jessica Simpson, but she has created a name for herself. Her career dates to 1999, when she was a backup dancer for Jessica, but Simpson has since created her own identity. Join us to celebrate her special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ashley Nicolle Simpson


Ashlee, Ash

Birth date:

October 3, 1984



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$15 million

Ashley's Social Media:


Ashley Nicole Simpson is a gifted and versatile singer, actress, dancer, and entrepreneur whose qualities have set her apart in the industry. She was born in Waco, Texas. Simpson attended Prairie Creek Elementary and North Junior High with her sister Jessica, in Richardson. She is a Libra by design and began learning classical ballet at three. At 11, Simpson enrolled at the School of American Ballet, New York, making her the youngest ever to be admitted to the school, given the age requirement there is normally 12. In 1999, Simpson and her family relocated to Los Angeles, California, as her sister Jessica pursued her singing career. At this time, Simpson appeared in television commercials with her father as her agent. Then, when Jessica’s debut album “Sweet Kisses” (1999) became a commercial success, Simpson became one of her backup dancers on tour.

Soon after, Simpson began her career in acting. She had minor guest roles in “Malcolm in the Middle” (2001) and “The Hot Chick” (2002) before appearing in the seventh and eighth seasons of “7th Heaven” as Cecilia Smith. By 2003, Simpson recorded “Just Let Me Cry,” which was used as the soundtrack for the film “Freaky Friday” (2003). The same year, she signed with Geffen Records, with whom she released her debut studio album, “Autobiography” in 2004, which sold 398,000 copies in its first week, totaling 2.5 million copies in the U.S., and five million copies worldwide. In October 2005, Simpson released her second studio album, “I Am Me.” The album didn’t match the success of her debut album, but still sold millions of copies. The following year, Simpson was cast as Roxie Hart in “Chicago.” In 2008, she released her third album, “Bittersweet World.” However, the album became Simpson’s lowest-selling album to date. By 2009, she began playing Violet Foster in “Melrose Place” and left the show after 12 episodes. She returned to the music scene in 2018 and released an EP with her husband, Ross, titled “Ashlee + Evan.”

Simpson’s relationships have always been in the media. She was engaged to Pete Wentz in April 2008, and by May, they were married. Simpson had a son, Bronx, with Wentz in 2008, before divorcing him in 2011. After her divorce, Simpson was linked to Vincent Piazza before meeting and marrying Evan Ross, Diana Ross’s son, in August 2014. She and Ross have a daughter, Jagger, born in July 2015, and a son, Ziggy Blu, born in October 2020.

Career timeline

Her Debut Studio Album

Simpson releases “Autobiography,” which is her debut album.

She Releases Her Sophomore Album

Simpson releases “I Am Me.”

She Appears in “Melrose Place”

Simpson plays Violet Foster in this television series.

She Records a Duet E.P.

Simpson records an eponymous E.P., “Ashlee + Evan,” with her husband, Ross.

Why We Love Ashlee Simpson

  1. She’s talented

    Simpson is undoubtedly talented and has the discography to prove it. Her voice is beautiful.

  2. She’s versatile

    Simpson can act and sing, which is more versatility than some get in a lifetime. She can play almost any role and sing practically any song she likes.

  3. She’s beautiful

    Simpson is very beautiful and has always been. Her looks and talents make her a double threat.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her father lied about her age

    Simpson’s father admitted to lying about her age to get her into ballet school in New York.

  2. She had an eating disorder

    Simpson suffered an eating disorder while she was in ballet school.

  3. She was pitted against her sister

    Simpson was often pitted against her sister, Jessica, in the media.

  4. She’s a natural blonde

    Simpson is a natural blonde, despite dyeing her hair a darker color.

  5. She got a nose job

    Simpson underwent plastic surgery for her nose in April 2006.

Ashlee Simpson FAQs

How old was Ashlee Simpson when she had her first child?

Simpson was 24 when she had Bronx.

Who is Evan Ross’ dad?

Her dad is Arne Naess, Jr.

Who is Jessica Simpson married to?

Simpson is married to Eric Johnson.

Ashlee Simpson’s birthday dates

2024October 3Thursday
2025October 3Friday
2026October 3Saturday
2027October 3Sunday
2028October 3Tuesday

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