Jillian, better known as JillianTubeHD, is an American YouTuber born on October 3, 2008. Jillian is best known as the younger sister of fellow YouTuber EvanTubeHD. However, she has strived to create her own identity on the platform. Jillian’s YouTube career goes back to 2013, and she has amassed an impressive following on it. Join us to celebrate her special day today!

Fast Facts

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October 3, 2008



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5' 4"

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Jillian of JillianTubeHD is an American YouTuber whose creative and entertaining videos have set her apart, earning her a niche of loyal fans and supporters worldwide. Jillian was born on October 3, 2008, in the United States and currently resides in California. She is a Libra and of British, Irish, Chinese, French, German, and Vietnamese descent. Jillian is a pubescent YouTuber whose interest in content creation started after appearing on her brother’s channel.

On March 11, 2013, Jillian created her own YouTube channel called “JillianTubeHD,” which references her brother’s channel, “EvanTubeHD.” In January 2016, she posted her debut video, “BABY ON THE MOVE! Jillian Learns to Walk! JillianTubeHD Flashback,” on the channel. In April of the same year, Jillian posted a video that became her channel’s most popular video. The video is titled “BEND THE RULES Music Video ft. EvanTubeHD & The Beatrix Girls.” Jillian’s content features vlogs, D.I.Ys, toy reviews, challenges, and commercials. Her family members, including her brother, parents, and the dog, often appear in her videos.

Jillian is a creative YouTuber with a huge following. She has posted 181 videos so far, amassing 1.71 million subscribers and 471 million views. Jillian is a talented content creator who has the full support of her family. They are a family of content creators, and they have a family YouTube channel called “The Tube Family,” created in 2012. The channel has recorded 2.5 billion views and has almost four million subscribers. Jillian shares her fame and success with her family and friends, as she is underage and too young for romantic relationships.

Career timeline

March 2013
Her YouTube Channel Begins

Jillian creates her own channel called “JillianTubeHD.”

January 2016
Her Debut Video

Jillian posts her debut video, which is a throwback video of when she learned to walk.

April 2016
Her Most Popular Video

Jillian posts a commercial video with Beatrix Girls dolls.

March 2022
She Makes Pan-Seared Steak

Jillian posts a video where she attempts to make a pan-seared steak.

Why We Love JillianTubeHD

  1. She is young

    Jillian has achieved so much at a young age. She has the potential to do more.

  2. She’s a great daughter

    Jillian is a wonderful daughter to her parents. She respects them and values their friendship.

  3. She has a charismatic personality

    Jillian is a sweet little girl who has a good heart. Her funny side is visible in her videos.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She plays the piano

    Jillian has performed in piano recitals, and she can play the instrument.

  2. She can cut her hair

    Jillian has cut her hair on camera several times now.

  3. She taught her parents TikTok

    Jillian taught her parents how to do some TikTok dances.

  4. She can make slime

    Jillian can make slime and does it often with her father.

  5. She hit one million subscribers in 2018

    In 2018, Jillian reached the one million subscriber mark.

JillianTubeHD FAQs

Are JillianTubeHD and EvanTubeHD twins?

Jillian and Evan are siblings but not twins.

How old is EvanTubeHD?

EvanTubeHD is 16 years old.

What are JillianTubeHD’s parents' names?

Jillian’s parents’ names are Jarred and Alisa.

JillianTubeHD’s birthday dates

2024October 3Thursday
2025October 3Friday
2026October 3Saturday
2027October 3Sunday
2028October 3Tuesday

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