Geo Antoinette

Geo Antoinette, a popular YouTuber, actress, producer, and entrepreneur, was born on October 3, 1983. She came into the limelight with her YouTube channel “Bart & Geo,” which she jointly manages with her husband and shares fun vlogs based on their life together. She has also ventured into business by opening a gym in Los Angeles, which has become the basis for her fitness community and apparel label, all known as the Barbell Brigade. Celebrate the birthday of this social media star right here with some trivia and insights into her life.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Geovanna Antoinette Carreño-Kwan


Geo, Joe, G.I. Joe

Birth date:

October 3, 1983



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Geovanna's Social Media:


Born Geovanna Antoinette Carreño in Los Angeles, California, she is an American citizen. She traces Mexican descent through her parents, who raised her and her three siblings — an elder sister, an older brother, and a younger sister — in a conservative environment. As a child, she was interested in art and music and even played guitar, piano, mandolin, and flute. She went to school locally and, after completing high school, enrolled at California State University, Los Angeles. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science and worked as a bank teller for some time.

Carreño-Kwan’s journey to fame can be traced to 2010, when she joined J.K.Films, becoming the third person to join the group after Joe Jo and Bart Kwan, both popular YouTubers. Initially, she started as a producer and actress for the group, starring in small productions. That same year, she started a YouTube channel under her name, where she posted vlogs from her life and also answered fan questions. After she began dating Kwan in 2011, she renamed the channel “Bart & Geo,” and the two began to post videos on it together, chronicling their lives, travels, interests, and other general topics of interest. In 2014, she produced two short films, “Gun Fu” and “The Monster,” and also appeared as a guest on “Access Hollywood.” In 2015, she married Kwan, and later that year, ventured into the fitness industry by opening a gym in Los Angeles with her husband — Barbell Brigade. In 2020, she and her husband also co-authored a book under the title “Get Close.” They used the same name for their new podcast in 2021, where they invited guests to discuss a variety of topics.

A social media influencer in her own right, Carreño-Kwan is also known for being a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She can read and write Korean fluently along with being proficient in Spanish. She is also devoted to her family while professionally expanding her horizons. She is a doting mother to her son and also shares his updates on a separate Instagram page under his name, which she handles with her husband. She has also endorsed several brands, including Kohl’s maternity line and Rosie Pope. She has also launched her casual and workout clothing lines under the Barbell Brigade brand, launching new collections under the label every few months.

Career timeline

She Joins J.K.Films

Carreño-Kwan makes her debut in the entertainment industry with a job as a producer and actress at J.K.Films.

She Produces Short Films

Under the banner of J.K.Films, Carreño-Kwan produces two short films — “Gun Fu” and “The Monster.”

She Starts a Channel with Her Husband

Revamping her existing channel, which was under her name, she adds her husband to the channel, and the new channel is called “Bart & Geo.”

She Opens a Gym

Venturing into the fitness industry, Carreño-Kwan opens a gym in Los Angeles — Barbell Brigade.

She Co-Authors a Book

She and her husband author a motivational book called “Get Close,” which receives moderate praise.

She Launches a Podcast with Her Husband

Carreño-Kwan and her husband start a new podcast called “Get Close.”

Why We Love Geo Antoinette

  1. She believes in living in the moment

    Carreño-Kwan is driven by the philosophy of living in the moment, which defines her approach to success. She works toward all that she wants to achieve without procrastination.

  2. She is always motivating people

    Carreño-Kwan’s posts are often inspirational and loved by fans for the messages she gives through them. She is always doling out positive messaging, sometimes even drawing on her own experiences to motivate fans and followers.

  3. Her fashion sense is very relatable

    Carreño-Kwan has been known to blend athleisure with glamor effortlessly for different occasions. Moreover, she believes in respecting everyone’s choices and how they express themselves through their style. Her casual style makes her an icon for many who want to feel comfortable in their skin.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a dog rescuer

    Carreño-Kwan is a dog lover and rescues strays, even owning three dogs of her own.

  2. She is named after her mother’s student

    Her mother, a teacher, named her after a student of hers called Giovanni, modifying the name to its feminine version.

  3. She has two tattoos

    Carreño-Kwan sports two tattoos on her body: one on her right arm and the other on her left arm.

  4. She likes being tall

    Carreño-Kwan, who is 71 inches tall, enjoys looking over the heads of everyone else, an advantage of her height.

  5. She loves volleyball

    When she was younger, she used to play volleyball and now likes to watch matches on television.

Geo Antoinette FAQs

Are Bart and Geo still married?

Yes, Bart and Carreño-Kwan have been married since 2015.

Where did Geo Antoinette go to college?

Carreño-Kwan attended California State University, Los Angeles, and earned a bachelor’s degree in science.

How old is Geo from J.K.Films?

Born in 1983, Carreño-Kwan is 38 years old as of 2021.

Geo Antoinette’s birthday dates

2024October 3Thursday
2025October 3Friday
2026October 3Saturday
2027October 3Sunday
2028October 3Tuesday

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