A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky, born October 3, 1988, is an American rapper and record producer. The hip-hop collective “A$AP Mob,” of which he is a member, was where he adopted his moniker. Rocky’s single ‘Peso’ was leaked online in August 2011 and within weeks received radio airplay. After this, Rocky went on to release “Live. Love. A$AP” his debut mixtape. Following the success of his mixtape, he got record deals with Polo Grounds Music, Sony Music Entertainment, and RCA Records. He has won several awards among which are MTVU Woodie Award, MTV Video Music Award Japan, and BET Award with nominations for MTV Europe Music Awards, World Music Awards, and Grammy Awards, among others.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Rakim Athelaston Mayers


A$AP Rocky

Birth date:

October 3, 1988



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$10 million

Rakim's Social Media:


Rakim Athelaston Mayers, best known as A$AP Rocky, was born in Manhattan in the Harlem neighborhood to Renee Black and Adrian Mayers. Rocky started rapping at nine years of age. His life has not been easy. His father went to jail when he was 12 years old and died soon after. His brother was also killed when he was 13, in Harlem. His brother’s death gave him the drive he required to take rapping seriously.

Rocky joined the A$AP Mob crew in 2007. His professional career as a rapper started in July 2011 when he released his single ‘Purple Swag.’ This single immediately became a street anthem in New York City. Following the online leak of his single ‘Peso,’ in August 2011, he got airplay on the high-profile Hot 97 New York radio station within weeks. He also released his mixtape “Live. Love. A$AP” which brought him the much-needed attention he craved from several record labels. This led to him signing a $3 million, two-year record deal with “Bryan Leach’s Polo Grounds Music”. After achieving this record deal, Rocky started a label, with “A$AP Yams”, called “A$AP Worldwide”. Rocky’s deal with one of the labels he got a deal with, “J Records” was short-lived, as “RCA Music Group” announced its merger with “Jive Records” and “Arista” into “RCA Records.” With this development, all future materials released by Rocky were under the RCA brand.

Moving on in his career, Rocky collaborated with Gucci Mane and 21 Savage to release ‘Cocky,’ in the promotion of the film “Uncle Drew.” He then released the single ‘Bad Company,’ featuring rapper BlocBoy JB. He gave the world a second single titled ‘A$AP Forever.’ which premiered on “The Tonight Show” in conjunction with the new track, ‘Distorted Records,’ and the following day, a music video was released. In October 2021, Rocky released his mixtape, “Live. Love. A$AP” to all streaming platforms. On March 25, 2022, Rocky appeared on two tracks off Nigo’s album, a Japanese DJ, “I Know Nigo!.” Rocky is currently in a relationship with music star, Rihanna, with whom he now has a child.

Career timeline

The Hip Hop Collective

A$AP Rocky joins the hip hop collective, "A$AP Mob."

The Street Anthem

A$AP Rocky releases his single 'Purple Swag,' which soon takes to the streets of New York.

The Studio Album Debut

A$AP Rocky releases his studio album "Long. Live. A$AP."

The Indie Comedy-Drama

Rocky appears in a cameo role in the drama "Dope," an indie comedy-drama that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The “Uncle Drew” Promotion

Rocky collaborates with Gucci Mane and 21 Savage on 'Cocky,' to promote the film, "Uncle Drew."

The 10-Year Celebration

Rocky re-releases his 2011 mixtape "Live. Love. ASAP" on all streaming platforms.

Why We Love A$AP Rocky

  1. He is a source of inspiration

    A$AP Rocky learned how to rap from his brother. While some would have simply folded, Rocky got inspired to take rapping seriously following his brother's death.

  2. He loves music no matter what genre

    Rocky loves all music genres. He even claims classical music makes him feel like a gangster.

  3. He loves to achieve his goals

    Despite his rough beginnings dealing drugs, losing his brother and father, and moving from shelter to shelter, Rocky still sets his eyes on his dreams. This is why he is so successful in what he does.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He admits to using LSD

    A$AP Rocky admits to finding LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), a psychedelic drug to be therapeutic.

  2. He is boastful

    Rocky compares himself with Allah, stating that his album, "At.Long.Last.A$AP" with the acronym ALLA was slang for Allah.

  3. He loves Harry Potter

    Rocky is a fan of the novel fantasy series, Harry Potter.

  4. He is a fan of Kanye West

    Rocky is a huge fan of Kanye West, appreciating his contribution to fashion and music.

  5. Rocky prefers girls without makeup

    Although a sharp contrast with the vixens in his music videos, Rocky claims to prefer girls with the "au naturel" look.

A$AP Rocky FAQs

What does a ASAP mean in A$AP Rocky?

A$AP stands for Always Strive and Prosper.

Does A$AP Rocky have a kid?

Yes, he does. He has a baby with the music star, Rihanna.

Who is ASAP Rocky's sister?

Rocky has an older brother and an older sister, Erika.

A$AP Rocky’s birthday dates

2024October 3Thursday
2025October 3Friday
2026October 3Saturday
2027October 3Sunday
2028October 3Tuesday

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