Lil Tracy

Jazz Ishmael Butler, known professionally as Lil Tracy was born on October 3, 1995, in Teaneck. He is an American rapper, songwriter, and singer. At the start of his career, he was known by the name Yung Bruh. Tracy became popular for his collaborations with rapper Lil Peep, in ‘Awful Things,’ which peaked at number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100. We’ll help you celebrate his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jazz Ishmael Butler


Yung Dude

Birth date:

October 3, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Jazz's Social Media:


Jazz Ishmael Butler, better known as Lil Tracy, was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, on October 3, 1995, to musicians Ishmael Butler of the Digable Planets and Cheryl Clemons, better known as ‘Coko,’ of Sisters With Voices. Growing up in Virginia Beach, he regularly listened to and got inspired by emo music and southern hip hop artists to make music. He lived between his mother’s and father’s houses as they separated when he was young. Lil Tracy attended Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington, and decided to leave home at age 17.

Lil Tracy started making music when he was 15 and at age 18, without notifying his parents, he moved to Los Angeles, California to focus more on his music career. Lil Tracy initially started rapping under the name ‘Yung Bruh,’ and released several mixtapes under the Thraxxhouse collective. Some members of Thraxxhouse later started their group, called GothBoiClique, which included Lil Tracy. Butler met New York rapper, Lil Peep, through this group and they collaborated on the song ‘White Tee’ from Lil Peep’s mixtape “Crybaby.” This mixtape garnered attention from the hip-hop underground. His release of the single ‘Overdose’ further raised the profile of his career.

Lil Tracy left the Thraxxhouse group around mid-2016 and also changed his stage name from Yung Bruh to Lil Tracy when he discovered that another artist was using the moniker. Under his new name Lil Tracy, on February 1, 2017, he released the long-awaited mixtape “Tracy’s Manga.” Two months later, he released “XOXO.” He also appeared on the single from Lil Peep’s album, ‘Awful Things’ in August 2017. This single reached number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100. He then released “Life of a Popstar” in July 2017. Lil Tracy released two E.Ps “Designer Talk” on October 5 and “Sinner” on November 2 in 2018. On September 20, 2019, he released his first album, “Anarchy” and a second album, “Designer Talk 2,” in November 2020.

Career timeline

Career Beginnings

Lil Tracy starts making music at age 15 and then moves to LA.

A Name Change

He changes his stage name from Yung Bruh to Lil Tracy.

Long-Awaited Mixtape

Lil Tracy releases "Tracy's Manga" under his new name.

Debut Album

After releasing some mixtapes and singles, he releases his debut album "Anarchy."

Another Incredible Job

Lil Tracy releases his second studio album, "Designer Talk 2."

Why We Love Lil Tracy

  1. He loves pop culture

    Lil Tracy is just like many of us. He likes a lot of pop culture things, like anime, games, and manga.

  2. He doesn't care what others think

    He makes his music no matter what others think and is always trying new things. He is also a very private person.

  3. A chip off the old block

    Lil Tracy takes after his parents. Both of his parents were musicians and he is following in their footsteps.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He already had a heart attack

    Lil Tracy had a heart attack and from then on he stopped using drugs.

  2. He went through horrible grief

    He and Lil Peep were best friends, and when Lil Peep died from fentanyl and Xanax overdose, he was lost and suffered a lot.

  3. He left home

    Lil Tracy relocated to Los Angeles, California to focus more on his music career without his parent's knowledge.

  4. His name comes from a jersey

    Lil Tracy got his name after continually wearing a Tracy McGrady jersey.

  5. A song in a day

    Lil Peep and Lil Tracy made the song ‘White Tee’ the very day they met.

Lil Tracy FAQs

Did Lil Tracy and Lil Peep fall out?

Lil Tracy remains one of the artists most closely associated with the late Lil Peep, although they had a public falling out towards the end of the rapper’s life.

Why did Tracy and Peep fight?

The rift was a result of the tension between Tracy and Peep’s management.

Where is Lil Tracy now?

Tracy moved to New York City in early 2018 as fans blamed Gothboiclique and Tracy for Lil Peep’s drug use.

Lil Tracy’s birthday dates

2024October 3Thursday
2025October 3Friday
2026October 3Saturday
2027October 3Sunday
2028October 3Tuesday

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