Brody Dempsey

Brody Dempsey, born October 11, 2005, has become a fast-rising TikTok star. He creates energetic dance videos and lip-syncs, and has gained tens of thousands of fans. Dempsey has not shared information about his family on the internet. His Instagram account also has only a couple of pictures on it. He posts pictures and videos on Snapchat, too. However, Snapchat deletes pictures after a day, and this is perfect for Dempsey as it means more privacy. We will help you celebrate his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Brody Dempsey

Birth date:

October 11, 2005



Zodiac Sign:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Brody's Social Media:


Brody Dempsey is a darling of many TikTok users. His content involves blasting music in his videos. The content creator joined TikTok when it was and has been entertaining his fans ever since. Dempsey’s career as a TikTok star has not been without problems. He is Caucasian, and we have no information about his parents.

He created his TikTok account in 2015 with the username ‘playskywarsnotgirls.’ His username became popular because of its gaming reference. Later, he lost this popular username and suffered untold damage to his growth as a TikTok star. It meant many of his fans could not find him anymore. It also meant he couldn’t create and share content for a long time. Dempsey also lost most of his older pictures and videos. Most content creators try to use the same username on different social media platforms to make it easier for fans to find them. Apart from that, using the same username on all social media platforms portrays professionalism. Unfortunately, Dempsey’s usernames do not match across the major social media platforms.

His TikTok account also has the caption “Unshadow Ban Me Bro.” This statement suggests he has been shadowbanned. ‘Shadowbanning’ means the TikTok account is under sanctions from the platform. As a result, content from shadowbanned accounts do not feature on the ‘For You’ page, and the owners experience a significant drop in engagements. Some articles about him also say his earliest Instagram picture is a selfie he took with his mother.

Career timeline

Dempsey Joins Instagram

Ten-year-old Dempsey joins Instagram in September.

Dempsey Joins Twitter

Dempsey joins Twitter in October but does not tweet until eight months later.

The TikTok Stops Working

His TikTok account stops working, and his pictures and videos disappear.

The TikTok Starts Working Again

After changing his TikTok username, he starts using it again.

Why We Love Brody Dempsey

  1. Dempsey hates hypocrisy

    Dempsey says people cancel others for saying things they laugh at secretly. We should try to better humans who do not have to pretend.

  2. He doesn't hide his feelings

    Whenever Dempsey feels terrible, he tells his fans, and they try to cheer him up. If you let people know you are hurting, they may be able to help.

  3. Dempsey is patriotic

    A large percentage of Dempsey's tweets have to do with what he thinks about the government. We all should be concerned about what elected officials are doing.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He hates root beer

    Dempsey hates the taste of root beer and cannot fathom why anyone drinks it.

  2. His favorite video game

    Dempsey is a big fan of Skywars, which inspired his first TikTok username.

  3. He misses having married parents

    Dempsey's parents are no longer together.

  4. He is not shy

    Dempsey tweeted that all his friends have seen his butt because he doesn't mind getting naked while they are around.

  5. He loves compliments

    He hates it when he wears an attire and people do not compliment his outfit.

Brody Dempsey FAQs

Is Brody Dempsey in Colorado School of Mines?

The Dempsey that attends Colorado School of Mines, is a different person. Dempsey, the TikTok star, is much younger.

Is Brody Dempsey a college athlete?

No, Dempsey, the TikTok star, is still in high school. He plays high school sports, not college sports.

What happened to Brody Dempsey?

Dempsey is fine. He stopped posting because he encountered some problems with his TikTok account.

Brody Dempsey’s birthday dates

2024October 11Friday
2025October 11Saturday
2026October 11Sunday
2027October 11Monday
2028October 11Wednesday

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