Erin Kinsey

Erin Kinsey, born October 11, 2000, is a country music singer who has made waves in the industry with her exquisite vocals and soulful lyrics. From Rockwall, Texas, she is a superstar in the making, and this is evident from her viral tracks such as ‘Just Drive.’ Kinsey has been playing the guitar since she was 11, and had no idea how talented she was until she became a renowned name on several social media platforms. And yes, she has the numbers to prove her popularity! On TikTok alone, she has over 200K followers. Here’s all you need to know about her.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Erin Kinsey

Birth date:

October 11, 2000



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:

In a relationship

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Erin Kinsey is an American country music singer with a bright future ahead of her. The newcomer is a singer-songwriter who fell in love with music at 12. It all started with a guitar that she received as a Christmas gift — and of course, once she started playing, she knew music was her calling. She then started to learn how to play and sing at the same time. After graduating from high school, Kinsey headed to Nashville to try her luck at Music City. At that time she was only 17 but possessed the determination to make her dreams a reality.

After her move, she concentrated on improving her craft to stand out from the other musicians around her. Unfortunately, before Kinsey could make a move, the pandemic hit, and the world went into a health and economic crisis. However, instead of giving up, she decided to turn to social media. Kinsey started showcasing her talent on the web and soon gained a loyal audience. A few months and a couple of songs later, Kinsey went viral! Her debut song, ‘Drunk Too,’ was a hit on TikTok and was followed by another popular track, ‘Just Drive.’

In August 2021, her song ‘Just Drive’ achieved one million Spotify streams, and Kinsey began to play at festivals. According to the vocal coach Brett Manning who has worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams, Kinsey’s voice is a technical marvel.

Career timeline

The Move to Nashville

Kinsey moves to Nashville to pursue a musical career.

The Dream Starts to Unfold

Kinsey releases her first cut ‘Chasing Ghosts.’

The Music Goes Viral

Her first single, ‘Drunk Too,’ goes viral on TikTok.

The New Song’s Official Video

The official video for Kinsey’s new song — ‘I Got You,’ is released.

Why We Love Erin Kinsey

  1. She’s a treat to watch

    While Kinsey can sing well, she is also a treat to watch. The blonde bombshell is a cutie and sure knows how to pose.

  2. She has achieved so much

    In this day and age where there is so much talent online, it is tough to stand out and make a mark. Hence, her ability to produce music and gain fans at this age has left us impressed.

  3. Her lyrics reflect her life

    Admit it, no one connects with songs that have senseless lyrics. We love her because everything she sings is based on her personal experiences.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a growing fan base

    Her TikTok account currently has over 200K followers.

  2. She launched her career during a pandemic

    Kinsey was ready to start releasing her music when Covid hit and she had to use social media to get her work out — this worked perfectly for her.

  3. She is a high-school graduate

    Kinsey graduated from high school but never went to college.

  4. Her boyfriend is an inspiration

    The song ‘Just Drive’ is inspired by Kinsey’s relationship with her long-time boyfriend.

  5. She’s in a committed relationship

    Kinsey has been with her boyfriend for five years.

Erin Kinsey FAQs

Does Erin Kinsey have a pet?

Yes, she does. Kinsey calls herself a dog mom to her German Shepherd dog called Joey.

Where does Erin Kinsey live?

The starlet lives in Nashville.

When did Erin Kinsey get into music?

She developed an interest when she was 11. It was also at this age that she started playing the guitar.

Erin Kinsey’s birthday dates

2024October 11Friday
2025October 11Saturday
2026October 11Sunday
2027October 11Monday
2028October 11Wednesday

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