Matthew Kim, popularly known by his stage name BM, was born on October 20, 1992. BM is a Korean-American rapper who first found fame as part of a co-ed K-pop group KARD. The group comprises two boys, BM and J.Seph, as well as two girls, Somin and Jiwoo. He is the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist. Aside from his songwriting and dancing skills, he’s also known for his love for exercise and pays special attention to working out his chest. Let’s celebrate this inspirational rapper’s birthday right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Matthew Kim


BM, Kim JinSeok, Kim Woojin

Birth date:

October 20, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Matthew's Social Media:


Matthew Kim, a rapper best known by his stage name BM, was born on October 20, 1992. He was raised in Southern California with his two younger siblings after being born there to Korean parents. His parents had a dancewear manufacturing company, and his mother designed clothes. Dancing and rapping were just pastimes. To become a counselor, he majored in psychology at California State Polytechnic University. His mother witnessed his choreography abilities at the “World of Dance” competition. She registered him for the Los Angeles version of the reality competition series “Kpop Star.” BM was hesitant because his Korean wasn’t very good. He passed the audition somehow.

He moved to Korea in 2011 and on the first season of the S.B.S. show; he was in the top 50 contestants. BM forgot the lyrics to songs, struggling with the language. Female K-pop idol BoA saved him three times before he was eventually eliminated. Fortunately, D.S.P. Media found him and spent four and a half years training him to become a K-pop idol. He had an appearance on the song “La La La” from Goo Hara’s debut E.P., “Alohara (Can You Feel It?),” which was released in 2015. BM also danced with her in the music video and live performances for the album’s first track, “Chocolate Chip Cookies.” He was chosen to be a member of the four-person, co-ed KARD group, which had a card game concept. The name stood for King, Ace, JokeR, and HiDen. The “King,” a powerful and trustworthy character who provides a strong foundation for their squad, was BM’s card.

The group released “Oh NaNa,” their pre-debut song, on December 13, 2016, “Don’t Recall,” on February 16, 2017, and “Rumor,” on April 24, 2017. They made their official debut on July 19, 2017, with the “Hola Hola” mini-album. BM has been busy with individual endeavors besides KARD. He posted “Better Myself,” a self-penned song, on SoundCloud in November 2018. He also appeared on the album’s first song, “I’m On My Wave,” by Zsun. As a guest on the JTBC variety show “Shall We Trek Together,” he took part in the Camino de Santiago walk. In May 2019, he appeared on the cover of “Men’s Health Korea.” On June 13, he also began acting in the S.B.S. television program “Law of the Jungle.”

Career timeline

The First M.T.V. Music Video

BM appears in Rainbow’s “Sunshine” music video.

The Single “Dumb Litty” Debuts

BM is credited as the main composer, songwriter, and producer for the single “Dumb Litty,” which is slang for ‘something insanely awesome.’

The Collaboration With Jessi

On Jessi’s second E.P. “Nuna,” BM is featured on the track “Put It On Ya” together with Korean rapper Nafla.

The First Solo Single Release

BM releases his first digital single "Broken Me."

The Podcast Host

BM hosts the DIVE Studio podcast with Ashely from “Ladies’ Code” and Peniel of “BTO.”

The Debut Single Album is Out

BM’s debut single album is released, along with its lead single “13IVI.”

Why We Love BM

  1. He donates to breast cancer awareness

    BM has been selling "Big Tiddie Gang" items through his clothing line, Staydium, and giving a portion of the sales to breast cancer education and research. He has also donated more than $20,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

  2. He launched an anti-bullying movement

    BM started the Healers Movement on December 5, 2020. He used a portion of sales from the apparel line of the same name to go to the non-profit group Stomp Out Bullying.

  3. He wrote a song about verbal abuse

    The lead track from KARD's comeback E.P. is "Gunshot." Together with bandmate J-Seph, BM co-wrote the song about the negative repercussions of verbal abuse in both online and offline settings.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He always carries lip balm

    Lip balm is one of BM’s essentials.

  2. Pineapples on his pizza are a no-no

    It’s either you love it or you hate it, and BM hates this topping on pizza.

  3. His dream collabortions

    BM’s dream collaborations would be with the likes of Jay Park and Monsta X’s Joohoney.

  4. He’s written rap lyrics in 15 minutes

    For the song “Bomb Bomb,” it took BM a little over 10 minutes to write his rap line after hearing the track.

  5. He can speak four languages

    BM can speak English, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Did BM have to enlist?

BM is exempt from military enrollment because he is an American citizen.

Who are BM’s parents?”

His parents are Peter and Grace Kim who are both Korean.

Does BM have any tattoos?

He has three tattoos. One is his hometown and birth year, LA 92. Another is a pair of wings on his back. The third is a quote from Frederick Douglas, “For without struggle, there is no progress.”

BM’s birthday dates

2024October 20Sunday
2025October 20Monday
2026October 20Tuesday
2027October 20Wednesday
2028October 20Friday

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