Phia Archer

Phia Archer was born on October 2, 2001, in Oklahoma, in the United States. They are non-binary and are known by their online name Astrouxx. They do trending dances on TikTok as well as lip-syncing and are known for their alternative aesthetic. This aesthetic mostly consists of baggy clothes and dark colors.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Phia Archer



Birth date:

October 2, 2001



Zodiac Sign:


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Phia Archer was born on October 2, 2001, in Oklahoma, in the United States. They are non-binary and are known by their online name Astrouxx. This aesthetic mostly consists of them wearing baggy clothes, dark colors, and unconventional makeup. They created their TikTok account in 2018 and made their online debut early that year. The first-ever archived video available on their TikTok account, is of Archer dancing and doing a lip-sync in a performance style. Archer’s performance was to the chorus of Kendrick Lamar’s song ‘LOVE.’ which was very popular at the time, and many people on TikTok were posting videos of themselves dancing to and lip-syncing to the song.

As of the time of writing, Archer has more than 2.4 million followers on TikTok, to which they post regularly. Archer has a very dedicated fan base and their content has evolved to include day-in-the-life style videos. Other types of content on their TikTok account include their usual dancing and lip-syncing videos, relatable content of them venting about life, and also them sharing their outfit of the day. Apart from their TikTok account, Archer is also popular on Instagram where they have over 175,000 followers. Archer mostly posts lifestyle and fashion content on Instagram and this account is therefore not as popular as their TikTok account.

Archer became famous very fast once they started posting content to TikTok and this prompted them to start a clothing brand called SimpMFNation. The brand was established in late 2018 to early 2019.

Career timeline

Archer Starts TikTok

Archer starts posting videos to TikTok.

Their Clothing Brand

Archer starts a clothing brand after becoming famous on TikTok.


Archer creates an Instagram account.

Millions of Followers

Archer gains more than 2.4 million followers on TikTok.

Why We Love Phia Archer

  1. Their style

    Archer’s style is amazing! It encapsulates what alternative, grungy, punk style is and they look amazing in their unconventional clothes.

  2. Their attitude

    Archer seems to have a very laid-back yet cool attitude. They are always posting videos and photos on social media of them lounging around or acting very cool in public.

  3. Their makeup

    Archer’s makeup matches their unconventional grungy style. They often do edgy designs with their eyeliner and they have the attitude and confidence to pull it off.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Their Instagram

    Archer’s current Instagram is a new account because something happened to the old account.

  2. Their merch store

    Archer’s current merchandise store has a new website after users encountered issues with the first rendition thereof.

  3. Their clothing line

    Archer draws all of the art that can be seen on their clothing.

  4. Their hair

    Archer’s hair is naturally red and they dye it black.

  5. Their family

    Archer has a sister who is the complete opposite of them in every way.

Phia Archer FAQs

Is Phia Archer in a relationship?

No, they are not in a relationship.

Who are Phia Archer’s parents?

They are very private about their family online and their parents’ names aren’t known.

What is Phia Archer’s gender identity?

They identify as non-binary and their pronouns are they/them.

Phia Archer’s birthday dates

2024October 2Wednesday
2025October 2Thursday
2026October 2Friday
2027October 2Saturday
2028October 2Monday

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