Davy Jones

David Thomas Jones, popularly known as Davy Jones, was born on December 30, 1945, and was a singer, actor, and businessman from England. Jones is known for being a member of The Monkees and a co-star on the TV show “The Monkees.” Jones frequently played percussion instruments such as maracas and tambourine on stage and in the studio, though he also played rhythm guitar, bass, drums, and the keyboard. His significant lead vocal contributions can be heard on the hit singles ‘A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You,’ ‘Daydream Believer,’ and ‘Valleri,’ as well as the B-sides ‘It’s Nice to Be with You,’ ‘A Man Without a Dream,’ and ‘Someday Man,’ as well as other album cuts. Today, we honor this legend and his accomplishments.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

David Thomas Jones

Birth date:

December 30, 1945



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Net Worth:

$5 million

David's Social Media:


Davy Jones was born in Manchester, England, to a railway fitter father. Jones’s first play, Tom Sawyer, piqued his interest in entertainment at a young age. Jones lost interest in school after his mother died of emphysema in 1960, and he left home to become a horse-racing jockey. Jones’ apprentice jockey, Basil Foster, spotted Jones’ acting and singing talent, and urged him to continue his acting career.

Jones released his first album, simply titled “David Jones,” when he was 20 years old. The comedy series “The Monkees” premiered in September 1966. Jones, together with Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, and Michael Nesmith, was seen by hundreds of people each week. Although popular with teenage girls, the show only ran until 1968. Jones went solo when The Monkees split up, then signed with Bell Records. Before signing with MGM in 1973, he released numerous singles with Bell Records and went on two Japanese tours. He appeared in episodes of “The Brady Bunch” and “Love, American Style.” Jones collaborated on an album and a tour in the mid-1970s with songwriters Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, and ex-Monkee Dolenz. Jones joined Toast in the early 1980s and toured extensively in Japan. Following The Monkees’ resurgence on MTV and Nickelodeon, three of the original Monkees (Jones, Dolenz, and Tork) reunited for the album “Pool It!” and a Christmas medley video.

He married Dixie Linda Haines, with whom he had been living, in December 1967. Their relationship was kept private until their first child was born in October 1968. With his second wife, Anita Pollinger, whom he married on January 24, 1981, he had two daughters: Jessica Lillian Jones and Annabel Charlotte Jones. The couple divorced during the Monkees’ 30th-anniversary reunion tour in 1996. He married Jessica Pacheco in 2009. He and his wife appeared on “Dr. Phil” in April 2011. Pacheco filed for divorce from Jones in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on July 28, 2011, but canceled the action in October. On the morning of February 29, 2012, he died of arteriosclerosis-related heart failure.

Career timeline

He Produces His First Album

Jones releases his first album, called “David Jones.”

He Stars in His First Film

Jones makes his acting debut in a satirical musical film titled “Head.”

He Gets Signed to MGM

Jones signs with MGM after starting his solo career.

The Band Goes on Tour

His band, The Monkees, goes on their 20th-anniversary tour.

Why We Love Davy Jones

  1. He was very talented

    In addition to being an amazing musician, Jones was also a talented actor, producer, and instrumentalist. He was a great asset to his band.

  2. He was known to be a great guy

    Aside from being one of the preeminent voices of 1960s pop music, he was also described by many as a great guy. He was said to be pure at heart.

  3. He was a teenage heartthrob

    Jones was known for his classic, teenage heartthrob looks. He had many girls crushing on him back in the ’60s.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He starred in “Coronation Street”

    When he was 15, Jones made his television debut on “Coronation Street,” a soap opera set in a section of Manchester near his childhood home.

  2. Jones played ice hockey

    Despite having a television credit, Jones dropped out of high school to pursue a career in horse racing and studied to become a jockey.

  3. He appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show”

    February 9, 1964, will go down in music and television history as a watershed moment — The Beatles made their debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show” along with future icon Davy Jones.

  4. His most famous solo song initially flopped

    His single, ‘Girl,’ flopped saleswise, but it became a fan favorite over time.

  5. He opened an indoor market in LA

    Jones became an entrepreneur at 24 when he opened The Street, a Hollywood marketplace in Los Angeles — New York City’s indoor markets had inspired him.

Davy Jones FAQs

What instruments did Davy Jones play?

He was The Monkees’ drummer and also played the guitar.

Was Davy Jones a smoker?

No, he was not.

What is Davy Jones’ full name?

His full name is David Thomas Jones.

Davy Jones’s birthday dates

2024December 30Monday
2025December 30Tuesday
2026December 30Wednesday
2027December 30Thursday
2028December 30Saturday

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