Kwon Yuri

Kwon Yu-ri, a.k.a Yuri, was born on December 5, 1989. She is a South Korean singer, actor, and songwriter. She made her debut as part of the female group ‘Girls’ Generation.’ Yuri has been in several television dramas, including “Fashion King” (2012), “Local Hero” (2016), “Innocent Defendant” (2017), “Dae Jang Geum Is Watching” (2018), and “Bossam: Steal the Fate” (2018). “No Breathing,” her first film feature, was released in 2013. Yuri made her solo debut in 2018 with her first extended play, “The First Scene.” We’re pleased with her accomplishments and want to commend her efforts.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kwon Yuri


Black Pearl, Cola

Birth date:

December 5, 1989



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Kwon's Social Media:


Kwon Yuri was born on December 5, 1989, in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea, to her parents and older brother, Kwon Hyuk-jun. She graduated from NeungGok High School in 2008 and went to Chung-Ang University with Sooyoung, a fellow S.N.S.D. member. There, they received their degrees in Theater and Film, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and an Honorary Ambassador of the School award at the graduation ceremony on February 15, 2016. After placing second in the 2001 S.M. Youth Best Dancer Contest, she auditioned at the S.M. Entertainment Casting System and joined the company in 2001. She then went through five years of preparation and 11 months of filming before making her debut in ‘Girls’ Generation.’ She debuted on August 5, 2007, as a member of the K-pop girl group, Girls’ Generation, where she is a supporting vocalist, principal dancer, and lead rapper.

She acted in “The King’s Boyfriend” and “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys.” In the drama “Neighbourhood Hero,” Yuri was the lead actor. In 2012, she won the ‘New Star’ Award for portraying Choi Anna ― the main female heroine in the Korean drama “Fashion King.” She got a nomination for ‘Most Popular Female Actress (Film)’ at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2013 for her role as Jung Eun in “No Breathing.” Yuri sang a duet with fellow Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung titled ‘Must.’ The song was on the “Working Mom” television series soundtrack. She also performed two solos for the film “No Breathing” ― ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Bling Star.’ In August 2016, SM Station released ‘Secret,’ a song Yuri and Seohyun sang to promote the Pantene haircare brand.

Yuri starred in various shows from 2008 to 2015, including “Kko Kko Tours Single Single,” “Dancing 9,” and “Dating Alone.” In 2015, she hosted “The Rallyist,” a reality show about rally drivers. In January 2016, she made a comeback as the female lead in the spy thriller “Local Hero.” On February 25, “OnStyle” launched “YULVIV MY SISTER,” a new reality show featuring Yuri and her cousin, model Vivian Cha. She also joined the new cast of SBS’ reality-documentary series, “Law of the Jungle,” whose new season was recorded in New Caledonia. In July 2016, she co-starred in the online drama “Gogh, The Starry Night” with Kim Young-Kwang as the female protagonist. In January 2018, she collaborated with DJ Raiden on ‘Always Find You.’ She was cast in the MBC drama “Dae Jang Geum Is Watching.” She also starred in the Super Junior cover of the “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar” music video, which was released on March 1, 2019. In April 2015, reports confirmed that Yuri was dating baseball player Oh Seung-hwan. Due to their busy schedules and long-distance relationship, the couple broke up in October of the same year.

Career timeline

The Girl Group Debut

Yuri officially debuts as a member of the 9-member girl group, Girls' Generation.

The Film Debut

Yuri makes a cameo appearance in “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys.”

2007 to 2008
The Television Debut

She plays Kwon Yuri in the Korean sitcom series “Unstoppable Marriage.”

The First E.P.

With her first extended play, "The First Scene," she makes her solo debut.

The Solo Tour

Yuri goes on a solo tour called “Into Yuri Tour.”

She Wins an Asia Artist Award

Yuri is honored with the ‘Best Acting’ Award.

Why We Love Kwon Yuri

  1. She is playful

    Yuri has a playful personality. She teased Fany, her Girls' Generation co-star, with fake bugs. She also once tied the shoelaces of other members and fled.

  2. She is multi-talented

    Yuri is successful in everything she does. Apart from being a successful actress, she is also a member of a famous girl group. She also took the courage to launch an admirable solo career.

  3. She is active

    Yuri is Girls Generation's most athletic member. She is a terrific swimmer and practices yoga. She's also a dancer!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She can speak four languages

    Yuri speaks Korean and Chinese fluently, as well as some English and Japanese.

  2. She can’t cook

    From her constant failure in cooking competitions, it’s evident that she can’t cook.

  3. She loves Mickey Mouse

    She is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse.

  4. She plays instruments

    Yuri is skilled in playing the violin and piano

  5. She used to own a blog

    The blog was named “tossi,” but no one believed it until she showed her baby pictures.

Kwon Yuri FAQs

What is Kwon Yuri’s blood type?

Her blood type is AB.

What does Kwon Yuri mean?

It means ‘glass’ in Korean.

What are Kwon Yuri’s fans called?

Her fans are called ‘Yurisistable.’

Kwon Yuri’s birthday dates

2024December 5Thursday
2025December 5Friday
2026December 5Saturday
2027December 5Sunday
2028December 5Tuesday

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