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Annie Lennox, born December 25, 1954, is a Scottish philanthropist, political activist, and singer-songwriter. After minor success as a member of the new wave band The Tourists in the late 1970s, she and fellow musician Dave Stewart went on to gain international recognition as the pop duo Eurythmics in the 1980s. In 1992, Lennox launched a solo career with her debut album, “Diva,” which yielded numerous successful songs, including ‘Why’ and ‘Walking on Broken Glass.’ “Medusa,” her 1995 studio album, has cover versions of songs such as ‘No More ‘I Love You’s’’ and ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale.’ She has six solo studio albums and one compilation album to her credit.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ann Lennox



Birth date:

December 25, 1954



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5' 9"

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Net Worth:

$60 million

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Annie Lennox was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, on December 25, 1954. Dorothy Farquharson and Thomas Allison Lennox are her parents. Lennox was accepted to the Royal Academy of Music in London in the 1970s, where she studied the flute, piano, and harpsichord for three years. She survived on a student stipend and did part-time jobs to supplement her budget. While in the Royal Academy, Lennox was dissatisfied with her skill compared to her student classmates, and she pondered what alternative path she might follow.

Lennox was a flute player in a band named Dragon’s Playground in 1976. However, she left before the band went on I.T.V.’s talent competition “New Faces.” She was the main vocalist of The Tourists, a British pop band, from 1977 to 1980. This is where she first met Dave Stewart, with whom she will form the pop duo Eurythmics. Following that, Lennox began working on her solo first album, “Diva,” which was released in 1992. It was a massive success, both commercially and critically.

“Nostalgia,” Lennox’s sixth solo album, was released in October 2014. The C.D. is a selection of Lennox’s favorite soul, jazz, and blues tunes from her upbringing. In addition, in May 2019, Lennox published “Lepidoptera,” a collection of four improvised piano tracks. The E.P. is a companion piece to her art installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art titled “Now I Let You Go…” It is also her first independently released album.

Career timeline

The Tourists Release Their First Album

Lennox and the British pop band release their first album together, which peaks at #72 on the U.K. Albums Chart.

She Forms a Duo After the Split

The Tourist splits up, and Lennox teams up with bandmate Dave Stewart to form the Eurythmics, rocketing them to international fame.

She Performs for Nelson Mandela's Birthday

Lennox appears onstage at Mandela's 70th Birthday Concert, after which she begins activism work with the Sing Foundation.

The Solo Album

She releases her solo album “Diva,” which eventually gets quadruple platinum certification.

She Becomes a U.N. Ambassador

Lennox is designated a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for AIDS.

Why We Love Annie Lennox

  1. She's a fierce activist

    Lennox is a strong advocate for human rights and women's rights. She uses her voice to fight for equality and has been involved in various charities that work toward this cause.

  2. She's a great singer

    Lennox has a powerful voice that can go from soft and sweet to loud and powerful when she wants it to be heard. Her voice has often been compared to that of Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin, as well as other soulful singers like Ella Fitzgerald, who have all influenced her singing style over the years.

  3. She's an icon

    Like many idols, Lennox is more than just a musician. She aspires to make the world a better place and to bring about change. With the grace and force she exuded, the ageless nature of her music, and how her messages extended well beyond what is commercial, Lennox sets the standard of what an icon should be.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She launched an organization for equality

    Lennox founded The Circle, an organization that works for gender equality and looks at how women may be potent change agents.

  2. She donated her tour profits

    As long-time supporters of Greenpeace and Amnesty International, Lennox and Dave Stewart donated the whole revenues from the Eurythmics' 1999 Peace tour to both organizations.

  3. She has sold 80 million records

    Lennox had sold over 80 million records globally as of June 2008, including her work with Eurythmics.

  4. She produced a video about women's rights

    The legendary singer and activist collaborated with Apple Music to release a video that tells the tale of women's rights throughout the last century.

  5. She is a chancellor

    Lennox was awarded an O.B.E. for her anti-poverty work and became the first female chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University.

Annie Lennox FAQs

What's Annie Lennox doing now?

Lennox said she was working on new music with her husband Mitchell Besser and daughter Lola.

Are Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart still friends?

Stewart and Lennox have remained close friends, and the Eurythmics have periodically reformed for special one-off events.

Why did The Tourists break up?

The band’s primary composer, Pete Coombes, was addicted to harmful substances, causing the band to fall apart.

Annie Lennox’s birthday dates

2024December 25Wednesday
2025December 25Thursday
2026December 25Friday
2027December 25Saturday
2028December 25Monday

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