Bobbie-Jo is an English TikToker born on December 25, 1999. She is best known for her entertaining TikTok videos, which she posts on the app. She’s a talented content creator worth celebrating on her birthday today!

Fast Facts

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December 25, 1999



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5' 2"

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Bobbie-Jo is an English TikToker whose creativity has earned her millions of fans on the app. She’s a Capricorn, born on December 25, 1999, in London, England. Bobbie-Jo was raised in England, and she has three siblings. She’s the second born in her family and moved out of her parent’s house in 2018.

Bobbie-Jo became popular on TikTok right from when it was In March 2018, she launched a YouTube channel, Bobbiebxtch. A few days later, Bobbie-Jo uploaded her debut YouTube video titled, “Recreating My Subscribers Musicallys!” In August 2018, following her increasing fanbase and popularity, Bobbie organized her first-ever meet and greet. Around this time, she uploaded her channel’s most popular video titled “Heart Shape Tutting Tutorial On TikTok!” This video has amassed 1.9 million views. In December 2019, Bobbie-Jo uploaded a mukbang video titled “I Have A New Boyfriend? MUKBANG!” Recently, Bobbie-Jo has only been uploading YouTube Shots to her channel. She was represented by ByteSized Talent in the U.K.

Bobbie-Jo has a huge fanbase of 5.5 million fans on TikTok, 58k YouTube subscribers, and 173k Instagram followers. As a YouTuber, Bobbie-Jo’s personal life was public. She was in a relationship with Aaron from 2015 to 2019. The pair even had a joint YouTube channel called Bobbie and Aaron which amassed 86k subscribers. However, the channel currently has no content, as all of it has been taken down. Bobbie-Jo shares her success with friends, family, and pets.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel

Bobbie-Jo launches her YouTube channel, Bobbiebxtch, in March.

The Fan Meet and Greet

In August, Bobbie-Jo organizes her first-ever fan meet and greet.

The Most Popular Video

Bobbie-Jo posts a video titled “Heart Shape Tutting Tutorial On Tik Tok!”

The Mukbang Video

Bobbie-Jo uploads “I Have A New Boyfriend? MUKBANG!”

Why We Love Bobbie-Jo

  1. She’s cute

    Bobbie-Jo is a stunning content creator. She looks great in everything.

  2. She’s talented

    Bobbie-Jo’s videos are engaging and somewhat addictive. She’s a talented content creator.

  3. She’s hardworking

    Bobbie-Jo is very hardworking. She is always creating content and TikToks.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has released merch

    Bobbie-Jo has a Depop account where she sells merchandise.

  2. She wants two kids

    Bobbie-Jo wants to have a boy and a girl.

  3. She never liked school

    Bobbie-Jo revealed she never liked going to school.

  4. She has anxiety

    Bobbie-Jo revealed she gets frequent anxiety attacks.

  5. She has tattoos

    Bobbie-Jo has over five inconspicuous tattoos on her body.

Bobbie-Jo FAQs

When did Bobbie-Jo get on

She got on in 2015.

Who is Bobbie-Jo’s ex Aaron Gunzhino?

Gunzhino is a rap artist.

How old is Aaron Gunzhino

Aaron is 22 as of 2022.

Bobbie-Jo’s birthday dates

2024December 25Wednesday
2025December 25Thursday
2026December 25Friday
2027December 25Saturday
2028December 25Monday

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