Keith Ape

Keith Ape, born December 25, 1993, is a South Korean rapper best known for his viral hit single, ‘It G Ma.’ He was born in Seoul, South Korea. He began his musical career as a member of the hip-hop crew, The Cohort. In 2015, Ape released his debut solo single, ‘It G Ma,’ which quickly went viral and garnered millions of views on YouTube. The single was eventually remixed by several high-profile artists, including A$AP Ferg, Waka Flocka Flame, and Schoolboy Q. Ape has since released several other singles and has collaborated with several other artists.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dongheon Lee (Keith Ape)


Kid Ash

Birth date:

December 25, 1993



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Dongheon's Social Media:


Keith Ape is a South Korean rapper who rose to fame with his single, ‘It G Ma.’ He was born Dongheon Lee on December 25, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn, and his ethnicity is Korean. Ape’s mother is a painter, while his father is a music professor. Ape dropped out of high school at 17 to pursue music as he found an outlet in hip-hop. He would go by the name ‘Kid Ash’ before rebranding himself to ‘Keith Ape,’ a name that includes his favorite artist Keith Haring. Ape began his early career by uploading music to YouTube, but he was not successful. In 2012, Ape met one of the Cohort rappers, Okasian, and since then, Ape’s music has taken a trajectory. He was featured on their debut album “Boarding Procedures.”

In 2015, Ape had a career breakthrough with the song ‘It G Ma,’ which was first not intended to be an international hit. The track exploded both in Korea and overseas, more to the Koreans in the U.S. Ape later did a remix of the song on his tour in the U.S. with the rappers A$AP Ferg, Dumbfounded, and Waka Flocka Flame. After the success of the song ‘It G Ma,’ Ape had many other hits like ‘Psycho,’ with Robb Bank, ‘Gospel,’ with Rich Brian, and ‘Diamond’ with Jedi P. He also has one Studio Album, “MOD: Ape’s Basics in Time and Play,” and two collaborative albums, “Project: Brainwash,” released in 2014, and “SMOKE UNDER THE WATER,” which was released in 2022.

Apart from singing, Ape is a model who has appeared for various brands, such as Calvin Kelvin. He has also faced a controversy where in 2015, he was accused of cultural appreciation by the American singer O.G. Maco. He accused Ape and his friends of having black stereotypes to sell the hit song ‘It G Ma.’ Ape has had one relationship in the past and is currently single. We can hope for the bright future of this rapper, with a vision of success.

Career timeline

He Adopts a Stage Name

Ape adopts the street name 'Kid Ash' when he makes his debut in hip-hop music.

He Joins the Group Cohort

Ape's YouTube videos catch the attention of Okasian, one of the Cohort group members; he welcomes Ape into the group.

He Gets a Career Breakthrough

Alongside the rappers Loota, JayAllDay, Koh, and Okasian, Ape releases the trap hit 'It G Ma,' a commercial success both in Korea and overseas.

He Releases His First Album

Ape releases his first album, "MOD: Ape's Basics in Time and Play," on September 20.

Why We Love Keith Ape

  1. He started rapping at a young age

    Ape started to rap when he was 12. He drew inspiration from Epik High, Drunk Tiger, and Dynamic Duo, to name a few.

  2. His favorite artist is Keith Haring

    Ape's favorite artist is Keith Haring. It is also where he took his rap name as he inspired him to pursue a rap career.

  3. He wants to expand his boundaries

    The young rapper intends to break new ground for artists from Korea. He not only wants to find success in Korea but also in America.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He dropped out of high school

    Ape dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music despite his father being against his choice.

  2. He has been called 'Korean O.G. Maco'

    Ape has been called the 'Korean OG Maco' due to his rap style, similar to American rapper O.G. Maco.

  3. 'It G Ma' single was a success

    In 2015, Ape released the hit single 'It G Ma' alongside other rappers; this was a career success for him.

  4. He was accused of cultural appropriation

    O.G. Maco accused Ape of cultural appropriation in the hit song 'It G Ma.'

  5. Okasian welcomed him to Cohort

    Okasian was impressed with Ape's YouTube videos, so he ushered him into his singing group, Cohort.

Keith Ape FAQs

Where is Keith Ape from?

Ape is from Seoul, South Korea.

What genre does Keith Ape belong to?

Ape belongs to the genre of Hip Hop and Rap.

How did Keith Ape get his name?

Ape got his name from Keith Haring, his favorite artist.

Keith Ape’s birthday dates

2024December 25Wednesday
2025December 25Thursday
2026December 25Friday
2027December 25Saturday
2028December 25Monday

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