Bianka Bryant

Bianka Bryant, born on December 5, 2016, is the daughter of late N.B.A. star Kobe Byrant and Vanessa Byrant. She is famously known for her appearances in her sister Natalie TikTok’s videos. Her mum fondly calls her Daddy’s Twin. We will help you celebrate this adorable kid right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Bianka Bella Bryant


Daddy’s Twin

Birth date:

December 5, 2016



Zodiac Sign:



3' 4"

Net Worth:

$1.5 million


Bianka Bella Bryant is the daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, and was born on December 5, 2016, in Newport Beach, California. She is the third child of the late N.B.A. star, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and won five N.B.A. championships. Her father was a phenomenal basketballer who died in a helicopter crash alongside her sister, Gianna. Byrant has three sisters named Natalia, the late Gianna, and Capri.

Byrant is only five years old and is a celebrity kid in America. Bryant’s name is a variation of the Italian name, Bianca, now spelled as Bianka. Her parents highly favored Italian names, so they gave her a variation. She is an adorable little kid that brings her beautiful smile to grace our screens on her mother’s Instagram page. She also appears on her elder sister, Natalia Byrant, and famous singer Ciara’s social media posts. She went viral after crashing her sister’s TikTok dance in 2020 and got people talking about her. In 2021, Bryant was gifted a Pink Range Rover by Ciara and Russel Wilson. Also, that same year, she had a playdate with W.N.B.A. star Candace Parker.

Byrant loves to sing and dance. She is also a fan of her family’s Christmas tradition of watching an American ballet during Christmas every year. Her mother always showcases her on her YouTube channel.

Career timeline

She is Born

Bryant is born to Vanessa and Kobe Bryant.

She Loses Her Dad and Sister

A helicopter crash leads to the passing of her father and sister, Gianna.

She Goes Viral on Social Media

Bryant goes viral after crashing her sister's TikTok dance video.

Her First Car

The Wilson’s gift Byrant a pink Range Rover.

She Plays Basketball

In an Instagram video posted by her mum, Byrant is seen to be showing her impressive basketball skills.

Why We Love Bianka Bryant

  1. She is Kobe Bryants’ daughter

    Byrant is the daughter of the world-famous basketballer. Nothing can feel better than being the child of a man who impacted the world with his basketball skills.

  2. She is adorable

    Bryant is truly the cutest amongst the Byrants. We love her smile.

  3. She is taking after her late dad

    Bryant displayed her remarkable basketball abilities in a cute video that her mother posted. In the video, she uses a miniature basketball to make a shot across the living room, demonstrating that she is already exhibiting traits from her late father.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She loves to dance

    Dancing gives Bryant joy as though it's like music to her body.

  2. She has an angelic voice

    Bryant loves to sing a lot and has a beautiful voice.

  3. She loves playing dress-up

    Bryant once wore a braided blonde wig to dress up as Elsa from the animation "Frozen."

  4. She is her daddy's twin

    Bryant’s mum fondly calls her and her sister Capri “Daddy's Twins.”

  5. She has a unique name

    Byrant's first name is spelled as ‘Bianka’ with a ‘k’ because her parents were obsessed with Latin names.

Bianka Bryant FAQs

Are Bianka and Capri Byrant twins?

No, they are not. They have a three-year age gap.

Does Bianka Byrant play basketball?

No, but she has taken quite a liking to her father for basketball.

Did Kobe and Gigi get buried together?

Not much is known about their burial, as it took place in a private family ceremony.

Bianka Bryant’s birthday dates

2024December 5Thursday
2025December 5Friday
2026December 5Saturday
2027December 5Sunday
2028December 5Tuesday

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