Matt James

Matthew “Matt” James, born on December 5, 1991, in North Carolina, is the first male African-American to star as the lead person on “The Bachelor.” He made his debut in Season 25 in 2021. That same year, he partnered with famous dancer Lindsay Arnold to compete in season 30 of “Dancing with the Stars.” We will help you celebrate his special day right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Matthew James



Birth date:

December 5, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



6' 4"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$250 thousand

Matthew's Social Media:


Matthew “Matt” James was born, in North Carolina, on December 5, 1991. He is the son of Manny and Patty James and is of mixed race. His father is Nigerian, while his mother is caucasian American. In 2010, he graduated from Sanderson High School and furthered to Wake Forest University where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2015.

James’ fame kick-started when he made his on-screen debut as a reality star on “The Bachelorette.” In 2020, he got selected to be the next bachelor for “The Bachelor’s” season 25 becoming the first African American male lead which later premiered in 2021. James was a perfect fit for the role because he is handsome, well-rounded, tall, and has a sense of humor. The season ended when he chose Rachael Krkconnell to pursue a relationship with her. In 2021, he partnered with famous dancer Arnold to compete in season 30 of “Dancing with the Stars.” James and Arnold finished 12th place.

James co-founded a non-profit organization called A.B.C. Food Tours, aimed at providing nutritional fitness to kids in low-income communities in New York City. James has worked with companies including Delta and American Express. He is currently in a relationship with Kirkconnell and is very outspoken about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Career timeline

He Assists His Alma Mata’s Athletic Department

James helps his Alma Mata's athletic department as Santa Claus in wrapping and distributing gifts to 1,600 families.

He Serves as a Broker Assistant

James works for Davenport & Company L.C.C. as a broker assistant.

He Works as a Social Media Strategist

James works for Morgan Stanley, leading their social media team as a strategist.

He Graduates

James earns a Bachelor's degree in economics from Wake Forest University.

He Co-Founds A.B.C. Food Tours

James co-founds A.B.C. Food Tours, a charity organization that provides nutritional fitness to kids in less privileged communities in New York City.

Why We Love Matt James

  1. He uses his voice for social causes

    James uses his social media channel to spread light about special causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement. James is never afraid to speak up on issues close to home.

  2. He loves his mom

    James' mother is one of his biggest cheerleaders. He considers her his number one fan and always posts her on his Instagram.

  3. He has a good sense of humor

    James' Instagram pictures can attest to that. He truly enjoys being able to put smiles on people's faces.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He worked as a social media influencer

    James has influenced countless brands, including Delta and American Express.

  2. He loves to dance

    James and Arnold finished 14th place in season 30 of "Dancing with the Stars."

  3. The first African-American on "The Bachelor"

    James becomes the first African-American male on A.B.C.'s reality T.V.-Show, "The Bachelor."

  4. He’s into real estate

    James is a Real Estate Associate at the Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis (C.R.B.E.) Group.

  5. He used to play football

    James was a wide receiver on the football team at Wake Forest University.

Matt James FAQs

Are James and Rachel still together?

Yes, they are still going on strong.

What is Matt James doing now?

James is currently laying low and working on other T.V. projects.

Where do Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James live?

They recently relocated to Miami after living in New York City.

Matt James’s birthday dates

2024December 5Thursday
2025December 5Friday
2026December 5Saturday
2027December 5Sunday
2028December 5Tuesday

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