Kristina Alice

Kristina Alice, born on December 30, 1997, rose to fame after participating in the “Hawaiian Party” music video for Cub Sport. Ethan Dolan, the director, and his twin brother, Grayson, appeared in the video. She is well recognized for the kissing sequence she had in the song’s music video with Dolan. Before that music video, Alice was already a highly well-known social media personality in Australia. However, following the kissing sequence in the music video, this influencer’s followers have become fixated on finding out as much as they can about her. Her success on Instagram immediately led to numerous lucrative endorsement deals with well-known companies. So let’s celebrate her special day here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kristina Alice



Birth date:

December 30, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1.7 million

Kristina's Social Media:


On December 30, 1997, Kristina Alice was born in Australia. She is of mixed ethnicity and has Australian nationality. She practices Christianity and has the Capricorn astrological sign. She has avoided mentioning her parents’ names or occupations when speaking about her family. On her Instagram account, she did post a picture with her mother, though. She also has siblings; one of them is a brother, but she hasn’t revealed who he is just yet.

In December 2016, Alice began her Instagram career. She quickly rose to fame as an Australian social media figure. Alice appeared in the “Hawaiian Party” music video in 2018. She portrayed Ethan Dolan’s love interest. She kissed Dolan in the Cub Sport music video, and soon everyone was curious about who that girl was. After becoming viral, Alice’s Instagram following grew significantly. People later inquired as to whether they were dating. They acknowledged their relationship in 2019. She currently has more than 213,000 followers on Instagram and enjoys showing off her modeling images to her followers. Alice’s Instagram feed frequently features Dolan. Her success on Instagram quickly resulted in lucrative endorsement deals with well-known companies, including Princess Polly Boutique, Glasson, and Alice McCall. Alice joined YouTube in 2021, but she hasn’t been all that active there so far. However, she frequently features on Franny Arrieta’s and her boyfriend’s YouTube channels. Her closest buddy, Franny, and she hang out often and produce engaging videos for their YouTube and Instagram profiles. Aside from Instagram, she is well-known for her TikTok account, where she posts amusing video clips, dance videos, lip-syncs to popular songs, and voice-overs. She has amassed thousands of followers there.

In 2016, a mutual friend brought Alice and Dolan together for the first time. She was in the United States when they first met. They gradually added one another on Snapchat, staying in touch after she moved to Australia and they got together more frequently when the Dolan brothers went on tour there. Despite meeting in 2016, they didn’t formally announce their love until 2019. On October 13, 2019, Dolan formally announced their relationship. He and Alice celebrated their first anniversary in October 2020.

Career timeline

She Begins Her Instagram Career

Beginning in December, Alice embarks on an Instagram journey that quickly propels her to fame in Australia.

Her Breakthrough Video

In a music video for Cub Sports' song ‘Hawaiian Party,’ Alice becomes famous after kissing her YouTuber lover Ethan Dolan.

Everyone Becomes Aware of Her Relationship Status

On October 13, her boyfriend Dolan formally announces their relationship and begins dating her.

Her First Anniversary

The couple's first anniversary is in October, and Alice publishes a picture on her Instagram to mark the occasion.

Why We Love Kristina Alice

  1. She strictly maintains her diet

    Alice is a fitness fanatic. She maintains her fitness through frequent exercise and a nutritious diet.

  2. A true lover

    Alice is a real sweetheart. She is so in love with her boyfriend that she frequently thanks him on social media and shows how happy she is to have found him.

  3. She prioritizes mental health

    Alice always prioritizes mental health. She frequently uses her social media platforms to discuss mental health issues and fight the stigma associated with mental illness.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She loves animals

    She has a strong affection for animals, as evidenced by most of her Instagram photos.

  2. She enjoys traveling

    She enjoys visiting new locations around the world and particularly likes visiting Sydney while she is on vacation.

  3. Her controversies and scandals

    Alice has luckily not been involved in many scandals, apart from a lip-syncing controversy in 2020.

  4. Her first modeling job

    She rose to fame after landing her first modeling gig with Boutine Los Angeles, with whom she eventually inked a sponsorship agreement.

  5. She has interesting hobbies

    As seen from her photographs, Alice enjoys horseback riding and likes maintaining a notebook to record her thoughts.

Kristina Alice FAQs

How old is Dolan?

Alice’s boyfriend, Dolan, was born in December 1999 and is now 22.

What is Dolan's net worth?

Alice’s boyfriend is an American comedian and online celebrity with a three-million-dollar fortune.

How much does Alice charge for sponsorship?

On average, $710.25 and $1183.75 is what Alice is thought to charge for sponsorship on Instagram.

Kristina Alice’s birthday dates

2024December 30Monday
2025December 30Tuesday
2026December 30Wednesday
2027December 30Thursday
2028December 30Saturday

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