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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, born on December 30, 1975, is a legend not only in the world of golf, but in the sporting universe alike. Woods has not only been the best, most talented, and most capable athlete, but he also has a magnetic personality that has attracted many fans. As a result, he has become an unparalleled media phenomenon in America and worldwide. Today is Woods’ birthday, and we’re sharing some details you may not yet know so you can understand him from all angles!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Eldrick Tont Woods


Tiger, Mr. T, Urkel, Righty

Birth date:

December 30, 1975



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 billion

Eldrick's Social Media:


Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, born on December 30, is the son of Earl Woods, an army officer, and Kutilda Woods. He was born in Cypress, California. Unlike most high-performance athletes who focus more on their physical training, Woods attended high school and even enrolled at Stanford. However, he abandoned his studies to devote himself entirely to his passion — golf.

By then, he had already won many amateur championships and participated in and won several professional tournaments. In 1995, when he was only 20 years old, Woods participated in his first Grand Slam, winning two PGA Tour titles in his first season and another five a year later. In addition, a few months later, he won the first green jacket of his career. In the following years, Woods continued to reap victories in different tournaments and championships in America and the world and became one of the highest-paid stars in the world. The beginning of the 21st century brought an even more significant escalation in his career; Woods won all the Grand Slam titles in world golf.

Few golfers in the history of the sport can boast of this achievement. The following years were difficult for Woods as his career oscillated between ups and downs. It was not until 2005 that Woods regained the position he had worked for in previous years and won the 2005 Augusta Masters. For the next four years, he kept winning more and more titles until 2009, when his name was mentioned in the media for reasons far removed from golf. The golfer lost the support of some sponsors and fans when he declared that he was retiring indefinitely from golf. This decision was due to the situation with his wife, which was full of conflict due to Woods’ infidelity.

Career timeline

He Discovers His Vocation

At eight, he wins his first international tournament, the Optimist Junior, which he goes on to win back-to-back until he turns 15.

His Professional Debut

The Los Angeles Open becomes the first of many tournaments where Woods plays against true golf professionals.

His Grand Slam Debut

This debut marks the formal professional start of his career.

He Begins His Great Ascent

Woods wins seven PGA Tour titles and his first green jacket at the Masters after finishing with the best round in the tournament's history.

He is Named the Best

At the age of 21, Woods is recognized as the number one golfer in the world.

He Makes a Spectacular Comeback

Woods returns to the podium and wins the Masters at Augusta for the fourth time.

Why We Love Tiger Woods

  1. He is a legend amongst legends

    Woods has never been a conformist, and being the best of his generation was not the end. As a result, Woods currently ranks as the third-most decorated golfer in the history of golf.

  2. His family gets a happy ending

    At least for his children’s sake, Woods has created a positive bond with his ex-wife and the mother of his children. It takes courage to mend a relationship after destroying it.

  3. His ability to bounce back

    After a car accident, Woods almost became a paraplegic. Yet, woods recently announced his return to the place that has given him the most joy – the green.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His multicultural heritage

    His mother, Kutilda, is of Thai descent and his father is African-American.

  2. Why the name Tiger?

    His father started calling him Tiger in honor of a fellow soldier who accompanied him in the Vietnam War and saved his life.

  3. He could have been an Economist

    Before turning his life around and devoting himself entirely to golf, Woods had decided to pursue a college degree in economics, but he never finished his studies.

  4. A three-year-old finishing with 48 strokes

    At only three years old, Woods finished a nine-hole round with only 48 strokes.

  5. It’s all about golf

    When Woods was questioned about his movie tastes, the golfer commented that his favorite movie is “Caddyshack.”

Tiger Woods FAQs

How many children does Tiger Woods have?

He has two children — Charlie and Sam.

Who is Tiger Woods' ex-wife?

Swedish model Elin Nordegren is his ex-wife.

Does Tiger Woods currently have a partner?

Erica Herman, Woods’ former restaurant manager, has been his girlfriend for several years.

Tiger Woods’s birthday dates

2024December 30Monday
2025December 30Tuesday
2026December 30Wednesday
2027December 30Thursday
2028December 30Saturday

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