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Carol Maraj is a gospel singer, songwriter, and playwright born on December 24, 1959. She is known for her songs but most especially for being the mother of rapper Nicki Minaj. Maraj had Minaj in Trinidad and Tobago before moving to the United States with her husband. After five years, they found work and a home in New York and could finally afford for their children to live with them in the U.S. Maraj is a beautiful singer and a great mother and she is worth celebrating on her birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Carol Maraj



Birth date:

December 24, 1959



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5' 5"

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Carol Maraj is a gospel singer, songwriter, and playwright who has earned her fame. She’s a Capricorn, born on December 24, 1959, in Saint James, Trinidad, and Tobago. She is of Afro and Indo-Trinidadian descent and was born into a large household — she’s the 10th of her parents’ 11 children. She was raised in Fort George, St. James, and attended St. Agnes Anglican Primary School. Afterward, Maraj enrolled in Tranquility Government Secondary School. Growing up was hard for Maraj, and a few years after high school, she married Robert Maraj. She gave birth to her son and then Minaj. Maraj worked at the Ministry of Works in St. James but soon relocated to New York to find a better job.

In 1983, Maraj arrived in New York, and after six months, her husband joined her while their children were still back in St. James. Robert got a job at American Express, and when Minaj was five years old, the family could finally afford to have their children move to America, and so they did. Maraj and her husband bought a house, and in 1987, they lost their home to a fire. Maraj and her children then moved to Jamaica, Queens, when Lil Wayne became interested in Minaj’s music and signed her to his label. In April 2014, Maraj released her debut single ‘God’s Been Good.’ The following year, she accompanied her daughter, Minaj, to the B.E.T. Awards, where she won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. In August 2015, Maraj released another single, ‘Endless,’ and in June 2019, she dropped ‘What Makes You.’

The singer became a grandmother in September 2020, as Minaj gave birth to her first child. Maraj is a fantastic singer, mother, and grandmother. Her personal life is public, and since her husband’s death, she hasn’t remarried. Maraj shares her success with friends and family.

Career timeline

She Arrives in New York

Maraj arrives in New York City to look for a job.

Her Debut Single

Maraj releases her debut single, ‘God’s Been Good.’

The 'What Makes You' Single

Maraj releases another single, ‘What Makes You.’

She Becomes a Grandmother

Maraj becomes a grandmother when Minaj has a child.

Why We Love Carol Maraj

  1. She’s talented

    Maraj is a beautiful singer and we love to hear her singles. Her voice is soft and alluring.

  2. She’s an activist

    Maraj launched her foundation which brings succor to domestic violence victims in her hometown. She helps them get back on their feet.

  3. She’s beautiful

    Maraj is still as beautiful as ever. She looks great in every fit!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her house had amenities

    Maraj’s parent’s home was the first to be made of concrete and have electricity and running water.

  2. Her brother had a mental illness

    Maraj’s brother had an acute mental illness and she has shared this made her home even more chaotic while growing up.

  3. She was married at 20

    Maraj married her husband, Robert Maraj, at the early age of 20.

  4. Her house burnt down

    Maraj’s husband tried to kill her when he burnt their house down.

  5. Robert abused drugs

    Her husband had a drug and substance abuse problem, which led to many difficult times.

Carol Maraj FAQs

Why did Nicki Minaj change her name?

According to Minaj, her name was changed by someone on her first label.

What happened to Nicki Minaj’s dad?

Her father was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Is Ming Maraj Nicki Minaj's half-sister?

Yes, Ming is Minaj’s half-sister from her father’s side.

Carol Maraj’s birthday dates

2024December 24Tuesday
2025December 24Wednesday
2026December 24Thursday
2027December 24Friday
2028December 24Sunday

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