Pedro Vargas

Pedro Vargas, born on December 2, 2000, is known as “El Chato.” He is the lead singer and composer for the local Mexican band Marca MP. They are well-known for the hit song ‘El Güero.’ The song ‘El Güero,’ created in collaboration with Grupo Firme, received the highest number of online hits in Mexico for an entire year. Since then, he has independently released a few computerized collections, including the studio recording “Flores EP” and the studio long-player “No Me Quejo.” Del Information has endorsed Vargas and his band.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Pedro Vargas


El Chato

Birth date:

December 2, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Pedro's Social Media:


On December 2, 2000, Pedro Vargas was born in California, America. He has Mexican ancestry, and he is a Sagittarius. He has a sister named Marisol. Vargas attended Ceres, California’s Central Valley High School, and loved singing ever since he was a young child.

As the lead singer and arranger of the regional Mexican music band Marca MP, Vargas began his career in music and singing. He joined the band in 2018 with his three mates, tuba player Esteban Salcedo and guitarists Cristian Daniel and Jess Tizoc. They performed at invitation-only concerts and weddings, as well as at private and public events in southern California, and they traveled locally and nationally as opening acts for northern Mexican bands. They were his school buddies. In 2019, Marca MP had a song called ‘El Güero’ on the Billboard chart. The group reached its peak success on December 14, 2019, at position 23. That year, it received the most views on the Internet in Mexico. In 2019, Marca MP released two live digital long players, “Despegando El Vuelo” and “En Vivo Desde el Malecón: Sold Out,” which continue to record their performances. Vargas and his bandmates independently released “No Me Quejo,” their studio album, on May 3, 2020, followed by “Las Preferidas, Vol. 2 (En Vivo),” a live CD. In the same year, the studio-recorded “Flores EP” was published and received a ton of positive feedback from the public. Later, in late August, they released “Las Preferidas, Vol. 3 (En Vivo),” another hit album. The album was a hit across a variety of platforms and “Las Preferidas, Vol. 4 (En Vivo)” was released on New Year’s Eve, and “Desde el Cantón,” a live recording, in November.

At the moment, Vargas is not dating anyone.

Career timeline

Pedro Vargas Joins the Band

Vargas joins the band Marca MP as the lead singer with his three schoolmates.

His Breakthrough Song

He and his bandmates release ‘El Güero,’ and the song receives a lot of positive feedback from fans.

His Studio Album

On May 3, he and the other band members independently release their studio album, "No Me Quejo," propelling their fame to new heights.

Another Hit Album

On April 29, his hit album, "Ya acabó (Con Becky G)," is made available.

Why We Love Pedro Vargas

  1. He is a talented artist

    He sings and composes at the same time. He consistently tries to provide his fans with unique musical touches, and his creative output is a testament to his talent.

  2. He is a consistent guy

    Whatever he sets out to do in life, he is consistent in his efforts. One example is that he is still striving to raise the profile of his band. He never contemplates quitting his band. Instead, he steadily intensifies his attempts to spread the band's reputation among the public.

  3. He is a fitness enthusiast

    Considering his physique, we may infer that he enjoys exercising, adheres to a rigorous diet plan, and frequents the gym. In addition, he makes an effort to maintain his physical fitness at all times.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Vargas posted a picture with Esteban Salcedo

    He shared a photo on Instagram in March 2021 with tuba player Esteban Salcedo, a band member.

  2. He was admitted to hospital

    Vargas was sent to an unidentified hospital for emergency surgery because he reportedly suffered injuries in a road accident in California.

  3. Daniel and Tizoc left the band

    The album "Las Preferidas, Vol. 3 (En Vivo)" featured the final performance of the guitarists Daniel and Tizoc before they left Marca MP.

  4. His association with Cornelio Vega Jr.

    He has been associated with Vega Jr. because they are regional Mexican music singers.

  5. He is a pet lover

    He genuinely cares for animals and loves having pets.

Pedro Vargas FAQs

Who is Pedro Vargas's favorite actor?

Vargas’s favorite actor is Johnny Depp.

Who is Vargas' favorite sportsman?

Vargas’ favorite sportsman is Spanish professional footballer Sergio Ramos.

What is Vargas' favorite sport?

Football is his preferred sport.

Pedro Vargas’s birthday dates

2024December 2Monday
2025December 2Tuesday
2026December 2Wednesday
2027December 2Thursday
2028December 2Saturday

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