Tiana Wilson

Tiana Wilson is an English YouTube star born on December 24, 2007. Wilson is best known for her “Roblox” gaming content on YouTube. She’s a fantastic content creator worth celebrating on her birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Tiana Wilson



Birth date:

December 24, 2007



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2"

Net Worth:

$3 million

Tiana's Social Media:


Tiana Wilson is a well-known YouTuber whose content has earned her millions of subscribers. She is a Capricorn, born on December 24, 2007, in Nottingham, England. Wilson is of mixed ethnicity. Her parents are Nigel and Cherina Wilson, and she has a brother named Jordon.

Wilson decided to create a channel inspired by the YouTubers she often watched. She launched her YouTube career in April 2015. The channel was called “Toys And Me,” and it was initially a toy unboxing channel. Her debut video was posted almost immediately, titled “NEW KIDS TOY CHANNEL.” The video showed a seven-year-old Wilson introducing her channel and revealing the type of content she would be putting out. As Wilson grew, she renamed this channel to Tiana, and her content shifted from toy unboxing to “Roblox” and prank videos. In November 2016, Wilson posted her most popular video, titled “Kids Driving Power Wheels Ride On Car – McDonald’s Drive-Thru Prank!” This video amassed 73.7 million views. In November 2017, the child YouTuber created a second YouTube channel, Tiana Wilson. Her secondary channel’s most popular video was uploaded in May 2018, and it’s titled “SLIME PRANK IN MY DAD’S HOT TUB!!” This video amassed 128 million views.

Wilson is a dedicated content creator, and she has amassed over 16 million subscribers from both channels. She also has a large following on Instagram, with 424,000 followers. For such a famous YouTuber, Wilson’s social life is pretty quiet. She spends her time with friends and family.

Career timeline

Her YouTube Channel Launch

Wilson launches her YouTube channel, “Toys And Me.”

Her Most Popular Video

Wilson posts “Kids Driving Power Wheels Ride On Car - McDonald’s Drive-Thru Prank!” and it becomes her most popular video.

Her Second YouTube Channel Launch

Wilson launches her eponymous second YouTube channel.

Her Second-Most Popular Video

She uploads “SLIME PRANK IN MY DAD’S HOT TUB!!” and it becomes her second channel’s most popular video.

Why We Love Tiana Wilson

  1. She’s cute

    Wilson is adorable. She looks cute in every look and post.

  2. She has potential

    Wilson has achieved 16 million subscribers on YouTube at such a young age. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

  3. She’s hardworking

    Wilson has worked so hard on her YouTube career. She’s always filming and uploading amazing content.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She looks like her father

    Wilson is her father’s carbon copy.

  2. She has braces

    Wilson currently has braces on her teeth.

  3. She’s athletic

    Wilson is an excellent gymnast.

  4. She’s the younger sibling

    Wilson is 10 years younger than her brother Jordon.

  5. She is a businesswoman

    Wilson has her merchandise line called Hearts by Tiana.

Tiana Wilson FAQs

What was Tiana’s “Roblox” name?

It was BeanieGal07.

Does Tiana Wilson have an accent?

Yes, Wilson has a British accent.

Which of Tiana Wilson’s parents is white?

Wilson’s mother is white.

Tiana Wilson’s birthday dates

2024December 24Tuesday
2025December 24Wednesday
2026December 24Thursday
2027December 24Friday
2028December 24Sunday

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