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Single Awareness Day – February 15, 2023

We are celebrating Single Awareness Day on February 15. It is a day to celebrate single life and assure people that it is okay to be single. The day happens one day after Valentine’s Day. This is to help those who spend Valentine’s Day alone. The day was started by Dustin Barnes. He wanted people to appreciate single life and see the amazing benefits of being alone in life. Relationships are fun and important, but they also have their pros and cons — this is a day to realize which side suits you best: being single or being committed.

History of Single Awareness Day

What is it like to be in a relationship? Single people are always curious to find out. The right person can fill your life with color, but not everyone can find the right person for them. In fact, not all relationships end in marriage. The fallout from breakups can last a long time and leave people emotionally scarred for life. Funnily enough, finding a mate is a basic instinct coded inside the brains of every sexually reproducing creature, but we humans have the amazing ability to ignore this trait.

Some form of marriage and husband-wife relationship can be seen in every culture. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it culturally inappropriate to be single. Relationships are a choice, and it is okay to stay single. Most cultures and traditions support the idea of marriage, but don’t support single life. Still, there are countless benefits to being single. The independence we enjoy while being single cannot be matched by people in a relationship. Financial stability, lack of drama, time for ourselves and friends, and time for investing in creative and educational activities are just a few of those benefits.

Valentine’s Day is the time when people become miserable about being single. As a single person, seeing all the happy couples all around enjoying everything can be daunting. But once we understand the power and freedom that comes with single life, we will realize being in a relationship is not a necessity. Dustin Barnes created Singles Awareness Day to teach others that it is okay to be single.

Single Awareness Day timeline

The Birth of Singles Awareness Day

Dustin Barnes creates Singles Awareness Day for those who are alone during Valentine’s Day.

The First Official Single Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day becomes official and receives its first copyright.

A Music Video for Single Awareness Day

Joseph Vincent creates a music video for Single Awareness Day.

Relatable on Social Media

Single Awareness Day hashtags reach 55,000 posts on Instagram and 78,000 impressions on Twitter.

Single Awareness Day FAQs

Why is the single life happy?

Being single can help us concentrate our time and energy on ourselves, resulting in better personal development. There is also much less drama, fewer fights, and fewer financial expenses.

Are single people happier?

A person’s happiness cannot be generalized based on their relationship status. A single person who wants to be committed is not usually happy. However, singles with other priorities in life can be just as happy as a committed person or even happier.

What is the meaning of Single Awareness Day?

Singles Awareness Day is an informal holiday celebrating those individuals who are not in a romantic relationship.

Single Awareness Day Activities

  1. Take a rest day

    A good day of rest is what you need sometimes. Use this day to lose yourself in thought and have a restful day doing absolutely nothing. Loving yourself sometimes means giving yourself a break.

  2. Buy yourself a gift

    You do not need to be in a romantic relationship to get a gift. Buy yourself a gift that will be useful for you. We’re all about self-love here!

  3. Start a party

    Invite your other single friends over to your house. Throw them a surprise party to celebrate your single life with them. Some friendships are stronger than romantic relationships, so show your friends some love!

5 Facts About Single People That You Should Know

  1. Better sleep

    Single people sleep far better and more peacefully than couples.

  2. Financial benefits

    Single people do not have to worry about their finances and expenditure compared to couples.

  3. They have more friends

    Generally, it is easier for single people to maintain friendships over the years.

  4. Independence

    Being single comes with a lot of freedom, since having no commitments makes it easy to move on.

  5. More time to focus

    Single people have more time to focus on their careers and personal life.

Why We Love Single Awareness Day

  1. It promotes self-love and care

    Self-love is important for everyone, single or not. A single person may not have a partner to show them love, so single people should love themselves — we love to appreciate that!

  2. It offers independence

    Single awareness day celebrates the independence of single people, among other benefits. We love when we have time to do what we want or concentrate on a higher purpose.

  3. Time for others

    Being in a relationship means you will have to spend more time with your partner. This can affect your friendships and other relationships. This day shines a light on the advantage of being single as we have more time for ourselves and others.

Single Awareness Day dates

2023February 15Wednesday
2024February 15Thursday
2025February 15Saturday
2026February 15Sunday
2027February 15Monday

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