September 7th Birthdays

We have 9 birthdays listed for September 7.

September 7 is the 250th day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Pope Alexander III was chosen, the first Miss America Pageant was held, and Egypt held its first-ever multi-party presidential election. Famous birthdays include Eazy-E, Evan Rachel Wood, and Buddy Holly. September 7 also marks National 401(k) Day, and National Beer Lover's Day.

Hulk the Dog’s Birthday

This special dog has great potential and is every dog lover’s dream.


Ivan Cervantes’s Birthday

For this TikTok star and internet personality, greatness is one post away.


Evan Rachel Wood’s Birthday

A singer, activist, and actress, there is no stopping Evan Rachel Wood.


Elizabeth I of England’s Birthday

Regardless of gender, this monarch ruled like a king with the strength of a thousand men.


Eazy-E’s Birthday

This talented rapper can rest in peace knowing his legacy will always remain timeless and untainted.


Cartman’s Birthday

Thanks to him, the world is a funnier place! Let’s celebrate Cartman’s birthday today.


Buddy Holly’s Birthday

The American rock singer was a central figure of mid-20th century rock and roll.