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National Vet Girls RISE Day – February 19, 2023

National Vet Girls RISE Day is celebrated on February 19. The day highlights the contribution of women veterans who worked in the U.S. military and gives an opportunity to the community and national bodies to give back to them. For female veterans, the day is also an opportunity to celebrate the life-long bonds they have formed during their service. It is no easy feat to serve in the military and then transition back to civilian life. For this reason, Vet Girls RISE’s purpose is to support female veterans and improve their lives.

History of National Vet Girls RISE Day

National Vet Girls RISE Day was originally known as National Vet Girls ROCK Day, with the first observance held in 2018. Two years later, the name was changed. On this day, meetups are arranged across the country for women veterans to come together, share their struggles, and relive the good memories of their time in service.

It is a time to also celebrate the lives and exemplary contributions of women in the military. Women have always served during war times in one way or another; before they were allowed to enlist in the army, women participated as cooks, caretakers, and nurses to support soldiers. The Navy Nurse Corps was established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908. The first 20 females in this organization were given the name “The Sacred Twenty.” Officially, the first female to join the American Navy was Loretta Perfectus Walsh, who enlisted in 1917. In the final two years of World War II, women were allowed to sign up in combat roles and have a bigger contribution. An astounding number of 33,000 women signed up. Among these were hundreds of women who took part in testing warfare aircraft in the Women Airforce Service Program.

Fortunately for women veterans, the friendships they have formed during their time in the military are among the rewards, sharing experiences and an understanding like no other with their fellow female veterans and male soldiers. Through their bonds, areas to be focused on for improving the needs of women veterans are identified. Women veterans are also a resource for fellow military personnel, counseling and giving guidance where needed.

National Vet Girls RISE Day timeline

The Law Allowing Women Into the Military

President Truman approves the Act allowing women to enlist and serve in the military.

The Acceptance Into Military Schools

Women across the country gain admission into military academies.

The Vet Girls ROCK Initiative

The idea to celebrate women veterans is mooted and executed.

The First Celebration

National Vet Girls RISE is celebrated for the first time, giving women veterans a space to belong.

National Vet Girls RISE Day FAQs

How many females are veterans?

In 2019, there were 1.64 million women veterans in the U.S.

How many female veterans have PTSD?

Studies done on a sample of women veterans showed that the prevalence of PTSD in women veterans ranged from 4% to 21%.

What percentage of veterans are women?

A study done in 2020 found that women veterans make up about 10% of all veterans.

How to Observe National Vet Girls RISE Day

  1. Celebrate a woman veteran

    If you are a woman veteran or know one, today is the day to go all out. Celebrate their life, their service to their country, their unparalleled contributions, and everything else.

  2. Support women veterans

    Give them a safe space where they can be vocal about their struggles, and their needs. Help them by creating awareness about their plight.

  3. Join a meeting

    Countless women veterans meet up in restaurants across the U.S. Head over to a meeting near you and join in the celebrations!

5 Famous Women Veterans In History

  1. Bea Arthur

    You may know her from the sitcom “The Golden Girls,” but did you know that she served as a truck driver in the Marine Corps?

  2. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody

    She was the first female to serve as a four-star General in the U.S. Armed Forces and the Army.

  3. Grace Murray Hopper

    Affectionately named “Amazing Grace,” she served in the U.S. Navy as a Rear Admiral and created the programming language COBOL.

  4. Eileen Collins

    Collins was a T-41 instructor pilot at the Air Force Academy, making her quite the Top Gun!

  5. Harriet Tubman

    This wonder woman was a nurse, a cook, and a spy during the Civil War.

Why National Vet Girls RISE Day is Important

  1. Celebrating women veterans

    We love National Vet Girls RISE Day simply because it brings female veterans into the spotlight. This is a much-deserved spot and we need to always acknowledge and appreciate their sacrifice.

  2. Creates awareness of their struggles

    These ladies face trauma, financial problems, and physical limitations. Today is an opportunity to help give back to the great women who have given our country so much.

  3. They have shaped our nation

    The service of our women veterans has shaped America into the great country it is today. We love to observe this day in all its patriotic glory.

National Vet Girls RISE Day dates

2023February 19Sunday
2024February 19Monday
2025February 19Wednesday
2026February 19Thursday
2027February 19Friday

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