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National Ice Cream Cake Day
ThuJun 27

National Ice Cream Cake Day – June 27, 2024

Two of our favorite things are celebrated each year on National Ice Cream Cake Day on June 27, and we are salivating at the thought! The perfect sweet treat for just about any occasion, this ice cream filled with layers of cake is the perfect dessert for a hot summer day (or any day of the year, really). Get excited about this amazing union of frozen yumminess with us.

History of National Ice Cream Cake Day

No one knows for certain who came up with the ice cream cake or even when it originated. Multiple theories abound about this invention. Some food historians believe the sixteenth century was when the initial versions of the ice cream cake came to be. Others think Victoria Era desserts called ‘Bombes’ — which were made of ice cream and fruit and sometimes contained cake or biscuits — were the inspiration for the ice cream cake. Yet others believe wealthy English lords and ladies, who could afford treats like this, invented the ice cream cake. One more version of events attributes the trifle as being the first version of the ice cream cake; the theory is that since sponge biscuits were used to keep the ice cream in the trifle in place, they are the initial version of the ice cream cake. These earlier variations are not the current dessert we all know and love, however. The current design includes a cake that is baked and then cooled, and ice cream is added after to create the finished dish. Some companies even decorate this for an added flourish. These cakes gained in popularity over the years, but they only became affordable after World War I.

The day itself has a very inspiring thought behind it. Mum-of-three Johanna Jurado passed away in an accident two months before her 32nd wedding anniversary, which was in June. Like any family, the Jurados went through a whole period of grief and then acceptance, learning to live their new normal. Unlike many others, the Jurado family chose to respond to this tragedy by marking a special day in honor of Johanna Jurado. Johanna loved celebrating fun new special ‘days,’ and she believed ice cream cake made any celebration better. So, Johanna’s youngest daughter, Jenna, came up with a brilliant idea. She, along with Cupcakes for a Cause, petitioned to have June 27 — also her mother’s birthday, called National Ice Cream Cake Day. These celebrations have been held ever since that day three years ago and have proven to be very therapeutic for the entire Jurado family.

National Ice Cream Cake Day timeline

Our Dessert May Have Been Born

One record indicates ice cream cakes originated in this time when rich lords and ladies can afford sweet treats even without a freezer.

Recipes Are Recorded

Food historians uncover recipes for ice cream cakes dating back to this period.

Ice Cream Cakes Originate (Again)

People believe ice cream cakes may even have originated in this period; either the Victorian Era 'Bombes' or trifles may have been initial versions of our sweet treat.

Ice Cream Cakes For Everyone

The easy availability of household appliances like refrigerators and freezers makes ice cream cakes common in various households around the globe.

April 29, 2018
Johanna Jurado Passes Away

As a tribute, Johanna's daughter petitions to have her birthday declared as a special day honoring Johanna's beloved dessert - the ice cream cake.

June 22, 2018
The Day is Officially Declared

June 27 is officially declared National Ice Cream Cake Day.

National Ice Cream Cake Day FAQs

Who has the best ice cream cakes?

The website cites Carvel, Baskin-Robbins, and Häagen-Dazs as some of the retailers that have the best ice cream cakes around.

Does Walmart sell ice cream cakes?

Yes, Walmart does stock ice cream cakes from various ice cream manufacturers.

How do you store ice cream cake?

Ice cream cake can be stored for several months as long as it is frozen and sealed tight.

How To Celebrate National Ice Cream Cake Day

  1. Eat an ice cream cake

    These fun cake-y + ice cream-y desserts are easily available; major ice cream companies like Baskin Robbins, Carvel, Ben & Jerry's, Dairy Queen, and others stock them in stores and online shops everywhere. Ice cream makers have been experimenting with this treat too, building in flavors to amaze your tongue. Traditional sponge cakes have made way for cookie crumbs, fudge, fruit, and even caramel. Some creators take their dessert a step further with their decorations. Whipped cream, frosting, icing; these come in varying designs and shapes. These can be customized to suit any celebration. Order an ice cream cake for a birthday, anniversary, football win, or just because. Bon appetit!

  2. Bake an ice cream cake

    Try your hand at creating a special ice cream cake at home. Look up fun and easy recipes online. As you master these, you can even add your own little flourishes to make the recipe uniquely yours. Share these creations as gifts with loved ones and watch their faces light up.

  3. Have an ice cream cake party

    Host a friendly get-together with friends and family. Invite everyone over for an evening of sweets. Splurge on some fun flavors of ice cream cake, or ask attendees to bring in their own favorite flavors and try a little bit of everything.

Fun Facts About National Ice Cream Cake Day

  1. World's largest ice cream cake

    Created by Dairy Queen Canada in 2011, this cake weighed a whopping 22,333 pounds.

  2. Popular, not popular

    Extremely popular across the U.S. and Australia, ice cream cakes lose their sheen in Europe; they are reportedly less popular there.

  3. Everyone has a favorite flavor

    The five ice cream flavors that sold the most in 2019 across the U.S., according to the International Dairy Foods Association were vanilla, chocolate, cookies n cream, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough.

  4. The old way is still used today

    The historical method of creating ice cream cakes by lining molds with cake or biscuits and filling the remaining part with ice cream is still sometimes used today.

  5. Eat these during the Fourth of July

    Data shows many more ice cream cakes — with patriotic motifs, no less — are consumed during the Fourth of July celebrations.

Why We Love National Ice Cream Cake Day

  1. Ice cream cakes make us happy

    Memories of eating fresh-out-the-oven cakes pleasantly mix with memories of happy summer days gorging on ice cream. How could we have anything but love for a dessert that merges these two amazing sweets? Behavioral psychologists actually believe the process of creating and having something delicious provides joyful memories that make people feel better about themselves and their loved ones.

  2. There is an inspiring tale behind it

    Johanna Jurado's story is heart-warming and shows us how hope and joy can come out of tragedy. The Jurado family's coping mechanism inspires us to honor and immortalize our loved ones too!

  3. There is something for everyone

    These desserts have baked versions, no-bake versions, and have multiple types of fillings. This is apart from the ice cream flavors that can be paired with different varieties of cakes. Plus, you’ve got the decorations and the shapes too. This versatile treat can be customized to suit multiple types of palettes and people and has a large range of flavors to please everybody.

National Ice Cream Cake Day dates

2024June 27Thursday
2025June 27Friday
2026June 27Saturday
2027June 27Sunday
2028June 27Tuesday

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