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ThuJun 27

National Jim Day – June 27, 2024

It’s time to celebrate National Jim Day this June 27. Jim is a male given name, the short form of James, Hebrew for “he who supplants.” It became a popular choice for boys in America in the 1900s and is still common today, with an estimated 360,000 Americans sharing this name. In the bible, James was the chief spokesman of the Jerusalem Christians and a martyr who rose to sainthood. Rock star Jim Morrison embodied the spirit of the hippie counterculture and artistic expression. Honor all the individuals named Jim with us.

History of National Jim Day

Jim is the short form of the male given name James, which means “he who supplants” in Hebrew. It comes from the biblical James, who led the Jerusalem Church with Peter. Often referred to as James the Just, he is commemorated by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Church of England. James is a notable figure in the ‘Old Testament.’

In modern times, Jim is associated with many celebrities, like poet and musician Jim Morrison. Born on December 8, 1943, Morrison was the son of a high-ranking naval officer and grew up a military brat. As the leader of the Doors, he enjoyed critical acclaim for belting out hits like ‘Riders on the Storm,’ ‘Light My Fire,’ and ‘Unknown Soldier.’ Morrison died at 27 after an illustrious career mired in controversy. The lack of an autopsy has fuelled numerous theories about his sudden death, ranging from assassination by the C.I.A. to a drug overdose cover-up.

C.N.N.’s Jim Acosta is a highly respected journalist in the media fraternity. The Virginia native began his professional journalism career in the mid-1990s. Acosta worked as a desk assistant for Fox News affiliate W.T.T.G-T.V. before getting his big break in 2003 when he landed a role as a correspondent for C.B.S. News. After covering John Kerry’s presidential campaign, the Iraq War, and Hurricane Katrina, in 2007, he joined C.N.N. He made headlines in 2018 after a verbal spat with President Donald Trump, culminating in a temporary ban from the White House. Acosta currently works as C.N.N.’s chief domestic correspondent and weekend anchor.

National Jim Day timeline

Jim Morrison’s Band

Morrison forms the Doors, one of the most controversial groups of the 60s.

“The Truman Show”

Actor Jim Carrey wins the Golden Globe Award for his performance in “The Truman Show.”

A Television Debut

Jim Parsons makes his T.V. acting debut in the comedy show “The Big Bang Theory.”

Jim Acosta works for C.N.N.

Acosta begins working for C.N.N. as a correspondent.

National Jim Day FAQs

How popular is the name Jim?

From 1880 to 2018, the name Jim was recorded 153,695 times in the S.S.A. public database.

Is Jim a common name?

Jim is one of the most popular boys’ names.

Is Jim a unisex name?

No, Jim is a male-given name.

National Jim Day Activities

  1. Listen to Jim Morrison

    Take a trip back to the 1960s by listening to the voice of Morrison. Though he died young, he left his mark on the world with his memorable music.

  2. Watch some comedy

    Parson's “Big Bang Theory” is a great place to start. Or, if you prefer the classics, Jim Belushi’s “According to Jim.”

  3. Get a name plaque

    Why not get a special plaque to commemorate the day? It would make for an excellent addition to your room or workspace.

5 Interesting Facts About Jims

  1. Comedy comes naturally

    Jim Belushi is the younger brother of comedian John Belushi.

  2. Jim Morrison and the 27 clubs

    Morrison is a member of the ominous 27 clubs, a group of young, talented musicians who died at 27.

  3. An alternate career path

    Country music star Jim Reeves was a talented athlete, earning a scholarship to the University of Texas and playing for the St. Louis Cardinals in the minor leagues.

  4. Not a one-trick pony

    Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” is a pianist and basketballer.

  5. Preaching water, drinking wine

    Jim Jones, the American preacher and cult leader, was an atheist.

Why We Love National Jim Day

  1. It’s better than Jimmy

    Jim has a much better ring to it. It just rolls off the tongue.

  2. It’s an evergreen name

    There’s a certain youthful vitality to the name. That’s why it's lasted for so long.

  3. It’s got star power

    It certainly never hurts to have a name associated with famous figures. From saints and rock stars to journalists and actors, there’s no shortage of remarkable people called Jim.

National Jim Day dates

2024June 27Thursday
2025June 27Friday
2026June 27Saturday
2027June 27Sunday
2028June 27Tuesday

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