National Eat Your Vegetables Day – June 17, 2019

Mon Jun 17

On National Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17, we celebrate the joy and deliciousness of eating straight from the Earth. If veggies aren’t your favorite food, this is a great day to give them a try. After all, vegetables are very healthy for you. If you can manage a little experimentation in the kitchen, you can discover how many delicious recipes there are for them. So whether you’re digging in to your favorite salad or forcing yourself to eat the sprouts that came with your steak, today is all about finishing that green on your plate, and then going back for me!

National Eat Your Vegetables Day Activities

  1. Go out to a vegetarian restaurant

    If you’re not a vegetarian, chances are you don’t often visit vegetarian restaurants. But National Eat Your Vegetables Day is definitely the day to try something new involving vegetables. At vegetarian restaurants they specialize in making the vegetable the main component of the dish, and you’ll be surprised at how filling they can be.

  2. Cook some vegetables

    There are more varieties of vegetables available today than ever before in history, so there are probably ones out there that you have never tried. Take a moment to search for some of the more unusual vegetables like taro, jackfruit, and yucca. Make sure that you find a recipe that shows you how to prepare the vegetables step by step, as well as how to cook the dish. You might just find your new favorite food.

  3. Get in your five

    They used to say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, doctors have had to revise that saying to “five a day.” Challenge yourself to get your five full servings of veggies today. You can have a veggie scramble for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and roasted veggies for dinner. For dessert don’t forget the carrot cake (it totally counts).

Why We Love National Eat Your Vegetables Day

  1. They’re good for us

    Vegetables are probably the healthiest things you can eat. They say that as a rule of thumb, the more colorful your meal is, the healthier it is, so make your plate your palette by adding red peppers, beets, or rainbow chard to your meals.

  2. They can be the side dish or the main show

    No meal is complete without vegetables, and some meals are complete with just vegetables! Vegetable soups, hearty salads, vegetarian curries are all examples of meals that don’t need anything but vegetables to shine. That said, some of our favorite meaty meals are made even better with veggies. What’s a hamburger without lettuce and tomato, or barbecue without coleslaw?

  3. They help support local farmers

    Find out which vegetables are in season in your area and support your local farmers by buying from them. If you shop seasonally you will always be eating the tastiest vegetables, as they are at their ripest when you cook them. Buying local produce can also help lower the carbon footprint of your food, making it better for the environment as well.