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MonJun 17

National Mascot Day – June 17, 2024

National Mascot Day is celebrated on June 17 to appreciate the spirit of fun mascots bring to every event. On any game day, mascots engender enthusiasm and energy. People of all ages, children and adults alike, enjoy them, and they help build memories of their favorite team. California is known to be the home of several of the quirkiest and most whimsical mascots in the world of sports. The word mascot originates from the French word ‘mascotte,’ used to describe things that bring good luck.

History of National Mascot Day

Mascots have been around for over 130 years. The term was popularized in the 18th century when French composer Edmond Audran wrote the opera “La Mascotte.” The work became so popular that it was translated into English as “The Mascot,” meaning any animal, person, or object which brings good luck. On November 11, 1882, according to a sports article in the London newspaper “The Era,” a football match between Middlesbrough Association and a newly formed team named La Mascotte took place in which one player dressed up in a costume. This was most likely the first mascot in the sports world.

In the United States, the first mention of a sports mascot for baseball was in 1883, when a boy working for the team named Chic earned the reputation of bringing good luck to the players. Mascots can take the form of a person, animal, or anything which represents good luck. Costumed mascots appeared in the mid-20th century, which allowed teams to choose any creature to become their ambassador. Nowadays, mascots stir up the fan base, entertain and also educate. They have filled all American landscapes. Mascots are also commonly used to represent consumer products, one example being Ronald McDonald for the fast-food chain McDonald’s.

Music bands also use band mascots to promote their music who show up at live shows or on the album covers. Think Eddie, the Head of the famous English heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

National Mascot Day timeline

18th Century
The Term Mascot is Used

The term mascot becomes popular after Edmond Audran writes the opera, “La Mascotte.”

First Mention in Sports

In a football match between Middlesbrough Association and La Mascotte, a player dresses up in a costume.

First Mascot in the United States

In the United States, the first mention of a sports mascot is associated with baseball.

Mid-20th Century
Costumed Mascots Appear

Costumed mascots start appearing in the mid-20th century, which allows teams to choose any character or object to become their ambassador.

National Mascot Day FAQs

What are the various types of mascots?

There are many types of mascots, such as corporate mascots, animal mascots, military mascots, sports mascots, and object mascots.

What is another word for a mascot?

The mascot can also be called a charm, amulet, or talisman.

What is a mascot logo

The mascot logo is used to represent a business by an illustration of the mascot.

National Mascot Day Activities

  1. Cheer for your favorite mascot

    Attend any of your favorite events and cheer for the mascot you liked best. It not only makes the event fun but generates enthusiasm and team spirit.

  2. Buy merchandize

    Buy merchandise of your mascot. Support your mascot and build your collection.

  3. Read the history

    Research the history of mascots and sports. The two are intertwined in a fascinating history.

5 Interesting Facts About Mascots

  1. Snoopy is NASA’s mascot

    In 1968, NASA uses the “Peanuts” comic character Snoopy as its safety mascot.

  2. Triceratops is the Colorado Rockies mascot

    Triceratops became the team mascot as a dinosaur rib was found during the construction of the stadium.

  3. Domino’s Pizza had a mascot

    Domino’s had a mascot named The Noid but stopped using it after a mentally challenged man with the name Noid thought that the character was based on him and killed himself.

  4. MGM’s mascot is a real lion

    MGM has used eight lions as mascots.

  5. Mascot for Georgetown Hoyas was Sergeant Stubby

    In the 1920s, the mascot for the Georgetown Hoyas sports teams was Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated war dog in WWI.

Why We Love National Mascot Day

  1. It is a happy day

    It is a joyous day for the celebration of mascots. Today, we celebrate and appreciate mascots.

  2. It promotes the mascots

    Mascots have an interesting history. They have supported all kinds of events and emboldened many events and causes.

  3. It brings people together

    It brings people together and makes the day more fun. It unites teams and supporters and motivates onlookers to join in.

National Mascot Day dates

2024June 17Monday
2025June 17Tuesday
2026June 17Wednesday
2027June 17Thursday
2028June 17Saturday

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