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MonJun 17

Bunker Hill Day – June 17, 2024

Bunker Hill Day takes place on June 17 every year. It is usually observed in Boston, Massachusetts. The holiday commemorates the Revolutionary War battle that happened in June 1775. The battle was led by General William Howe who led 2,200 British troops and half that number of Americans were led by Colonel William Prescott. The British attacked near Bunker Hill and lost more than 1,000 men in the process. The American revolutionaries, unfortunately, ran out of ammunition and eventually had to fight the British bayonets just with the butts of their muskets. This holiday is a reminder of the bravery of the heroes.

History of Bunker Hill Day

Bunker Hill Day is a holiday that is celebrated to honor historic heroes. During the holiday, several events take place at museums and historic sites. There are live performances, reenactments of historical events; colonial cooking and crafts, and other displays on Native American life. The events are usually family-friendly. There is a big parade held in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and local marching bands and other musical groups, current and past military personnel, and re-enactment groups take part in the parade. Local businesses sponsor sports groups, fire trucks, police motorcycles, and floats to be part of the parade. During the holiday, many people use the opportunity to visit the Bunker Hill Monument and other historic sites in Boston. They also watch reenactments of battles and other events from the American Revolutionary War.

The Bunker Hill Monument was erected in Charlestown. In the U.S., it was one of the first monuments that was built. Its construction took place between 1825 and 1843 and is located on Breed’s Hill. This is where most of the fighting took place during the battle on Bunker Hill. The monument stands at 221 feet in height and is a granite obelisk. It is a historic symbol of the sacrifices made by the men who fought in the battle and signifies a sense of patriotism and love for country and state. It also reminds people to appreciate their freedom as the people who fought for them to have it. It inspires bravery in the younger generation and encourages them to live their lives courageously.

Bunker Hill Day timeline

The Battle of Bunker Hill Takes Place

The revolutionary war battle is fought by American and British soldiers in June in Boston.

The Bunker Hill Monument Construction Begins

The building of the historical monument begins and is one of the earliest built in the U.S.

The Bunker Hill Monument is Built

The historical monument is completed after years of construction.

The Siege of Boston Takes Place

The Battle of Bunker Hill is part of the Siege of Boston, which takes place between April 19, 1775, and March 17, 1776.

Bunker Hill Day FAQs

Is Bunker Hill Day a national holiday?

Bunker Hill Day was a state holiday until 2009. After that, it became an observance where schools and businesses can stay open.

Was Bunker Hill part of the Revolutionary War?

Bunker Hill was a part of the Siege of Boston, which took place during the American Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War happened between 1775 and 1783.

When was the first celebration of the holiday?

According to records, the holiday has been observed in the U.S. since 1863. It has been observed annually ever since.

How to Observe Bunker Hill Day

  1. Visit the Bunker Hill Monument

    The holiday is a great time to take a tour and visit the historical monument and other historical sites. You’ll learn a lot about the heroes of the past and take great pictures too.

  2. Learn some history

    You can read up on some of the histories of Boston. There are many great stories about the battles that took place during the revolutionary war.

  3. Do something brave

    As a way to honor the great heroes who fought for freedom, you can do something that scares you but will make a good impact on your life. Follow in the heroes’ footsteps.

5 Important Facts About The Battle Of Bunker Hill

  1. The battle didn’t occur on Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill happened about one-third of a mile south on Breed’s Hill.

  2. The British won the battle

    The battle was won by the British troops as they had more men and ammunition than the Americans.

  3. John Quincy Adams observed the battle

    At seven years old, John Quincy Adams observed the battlefield with his mother.

  4. The patriots threw rocks

    When the patriots ran out of ammunition, they resorted to throwing rocks.

  5. Forensic dentistry was done after the battle

    Paul Revere used forensic dentistry to identify the martyr, Dr. Joseph Warren.

Why Bunker Hill Day is Important

  1. It supports patriotism

    The holiday helps to foster a sense of patriotism in people. This creates a love for the country and an appreciation of the freedom they enjoy.

  2. It is all about the history

    The holiday helps to keep the stories of the heroes alive. Their bravery and sacrifice are recognized and appreciated yearly.

  3. It is inspiring

    The historical stories told during the holiday help to inspire and motivate the younger generation.

Bunker Hill Day dates

2024June 17Monday
2025June 17Tuesday
2026June 17Wednesday
2027June 17Thursday
2028June 17Saturday

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