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National Week of Making – June 17-23, 2025

National Week of Making is celebrated every year from June 17 to June 23. This week celebrates the innovations in science, technology, engineering, art, and math, as well as the individuals who contribute to the Maker Movement. The term ‘making’ refers to the creative aspects of metalworking, woodworking, drawing, and even digital fabrication. National Week of Making is an excellent opportunity for people to learn new skills and take on interesting challenges that can help them solve real-world problems. The celebration is accompanied by a National Maker Faire, where the public can display their inventions.

History of National Week of Making

Since the Paleolithic period, humans have been inventing and improving their lives. Archaeologists have discovered tools that are believed to be three million years old in modern-day Kenya. During the Neolithic period (around 3000 B.C.), the papyrus plant was discovered and collected for its stalk, after which its central pith was cut into thin strips that when pressed together formed a smooth thin writing surface.

Then, about 1,000 years later, glass was first invented in Ancient Egypt. Sumerians in lower Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) started inserting rotating axles into solid discs of wood in the fourth millennium B.C., possibly the first creation of a wheel.

It was only in 2000 B.C. that the docs were hollowed out to make a lighter wheel, which resulted in many changes in the world. Throughout history, there have been several inventions that have changed the world for the better. In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, which revolutionized how people communicated, read, received the news, and expressed their opinions.

Another such invention that had a profound impact on the entire world was the telephone, which was invented in 1876. This invention set off a chain reaction of improved communication that has now made communication effortless. Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the airplane and took four brief flights at Kitty Hawk in 1903, changing the world and the way people travel.

National Week of Making timeline

3.5 Million Years Ago
Humans Develop Tools

Humans first develop tools from stone, wood, and bones.

10,000 B.C.
Boats Are Made

The first boats are made from hollowed-out tree trunks.

The Telephone Is Invented

Alexander Graham Bell gets the first patient for the invention of the telephone.

We Can Fly

Wilbur and Orville Wright take four flights in their newly invented aircraft.

National Week of Making FAQs

What is a Global Makers Day?

Global Makers Day is a holiday for students all around the world to create something new and collaborate with people.

What is N.J. Makers Day?

It is the celebration of maker culture in New Jersey.

What is the Global Maker challenge?

It is an online challenge for makers to connect and collaborate with people and solve real-life problems.

How to Observe National Week of Making

  1. Create something

    Humans have the great power of creation. Use any skill and create something, whether it's a painting, a dish, or even a story.

  2. Read up the history of inventions

    Humans have come a long way, thanks to the collective efforts of many people. Learn about significant inventions and how they impacted our lives during the National Week of Making.

  3. Attend the National Maker Faire

    National Maker Faire is the celebration of curiosity and creation. Attend the fair and examine human creations.

5 Facts About Inventors

  1. Benjamin Franklin enjoyed rewriting songs

    Benjamin Franklin is well-known for rewriting lyrics and turning them into drinking songs.

  2. Paul Brown invented an upside-down squeeze bottle

    Paul Brown invented an upside-down squeeze bottle in 1991 and sold his product to shampoo companies, ketchup companies, and even NASA.

  3. The voice actor of Tigger

    Paul Winchell invented the first artificial heart, and he was also the voice actor of Tigger from “Winnie the Pooh” and Gargamel from “The Smurfs.”

  4. The lint roller

    Nicholas McKay created a lint roller after he struggled to clean his suit before chaperoning a high school dance.

  5. Nikola Tesla disliked pearls

    Nikola Tesla disliked pearls so much that he would not speak to a woman wearing pearls.

Why National Week of Making is Important

  1. It supports creation

    This week supports new creations. It gives people the push to create new things and realize their passions through various inventions.

  2. It gives a platform to people

    The world is full of creative people, and National Week of Making gives people a platform to showcase their talent during this grand week. The holiday supports people’s creative side.

  3. It gives way to new creations

    It encourages creativity. People even come up with world-changing inventions.

National Week of Making dates

2025June 17Tuesday
2026June 17Wednesday
2027June 17Thursday
2028June 17Saturday
2029June 17Sunday

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