National Cookie Day – December 4, 2019

Wed Dec 4

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? On National Cookie Day, who cares? These days, cookies have become the gold standard when it comes to sweets, but it wasn’t always that way. Cookies were born from the need to test an oven’s temperature before baking a cake, but it’s easy to see why those miniature test cakes weren’t thrown away after baking. Anything with an interesting history is worth commemorating, and that’s why on December 4, we celebrate National Cookie Day!

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National Cookie Day Activities

  1. Find the best cookie near you

    There's a bakery hiding in your neighborhood with the best darn cookies you've never tried. Ask some friends, and consult Yelp, to find the best cookie in your neck of the woods.

  2. Make a new type of cookie

    Many of the most famous cookies (we're looking at you, chocolate chip) were the result of happy accidents in the kitchen. Try some experimenting on your next batch to see where you land!

  3. Have a charity bake-off

    If you're really looking to make this National Cookie Day count, you could get ambitious and host a charity bake-off, donating the funds raised to your favorite charity!

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Why We Love National Cookie Day

  1. Everyone's got a favorite

    Oatmeal? Chocolate chip? Sugar? They can't all be the best cookie, but any of them could certainly be someone's favorite. With the vast variety of cookie types across the globe, you're bound to get ten different answers if you ask ten different people.

  2. They're delicious

    Come on — does this one really need elaboration? We've all got fond memories, filled with nostalgia, of eating cookies as a youngster. For most of us, that love for cookies never left us.

  3. They make it easy to pace yourself

    If you bake a massive cake, it's easy to eat too much. Think about it: even after cutting out a massive slice, there's still a ton of cake left and it barely looks like you've made a dent. With cookies, though, it's easier to stop at one!

National Cookie Day dates
2019December 5Thursday
2020December 5Saturday
2021December 5Sunday
2022December 5Monday
2023December 5Tuesday