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National Catholic Sisters Week – March 8-14, 2023

National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW) is celebrated every March 8 to 14 during women’s history month. The National Catholic Sisters Week is a celebration that commenced in March 2014 during women’s history month to honor religious catholic women and remember Catholic sisters that have passed away. The NCSW celebration includes a series of events that educate, inform, and highlight the lives of Catholic sisters. Recognition is given for their tireless effort and sacrifices. The celebration also acts as a means to educate and encourage young girls about these religious women and to follow in their footsteps.

History of National Catholic Sisters Week

National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW) is a week dedicated to women’s religion. The National Catholic Sisters week started in 2015 as part of National Women’s History Month. The one-week celebration event was signed off by one of the co-founders of the National Women’s History Project, Molly Murphy MacGregor. In 1981, National Women’s History Month was only a single week, until it was expanded by the U.S. Congress in 1987 to the entire month of March.

The National Catholic Sisters week highlights the profound impact of Catholic sisters across the globe. The intention behind this celebration is to connect young women with Catholic Sisters. The purpose of the National Catholic Sisters week is to spread awareness about the contributions made by Catholic Sisters both past and present, to strengthen faith, and remind others of their baptismal call to serve and love.

The event also shows how these self-sacrificing women of faith have carried out their activities without male support. These Catholic sisters have engaged in evangelism, volunteer work, and mass immigrant education at high school and tertiary levels. During National Catholic Sisters Week, these women are celebrated for their global achievements. Their selfless acts have brought about a change in the world and have impacted the life and development of many individuals, communities, and countries. These accomplishments often fly under the radar as Catholic Sisters do not seek publicity or validation but rather gain satisfaction in knowing that they were able to make a difference in a person’s life. The National Catholic Sisters Week celebrates the charism and spirituality of the Catholic Sisters.

National Catholic Sisters Week timeline

The Inaugural Event Week

During the week of March 8 to 14, the inaugural National Catholic Sisters Week is held at St. Catherine University, Minnesota, U.S.

The First Celebrations

The celebration of National Catholic Sisters Week commences in 2015.

The NCSW gets a name change

The National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW) is renamed Catholic Sisters Week to include the entire association of Catholic Sisters globally.

The NCSW gets a new organizer

As of September 2019, the National Catholic Sisters Week falls under the organization of Communicators for Women Religious direction.

National Catholic Sisters Week FAQs

What do Catholic Sisters do?

Catholic sisters take part in missionary work. They also provide education and assistance to immigrants.

How many Nuns are there worldwide?

By 2019 the total number of Nuns in the world amounted to 31,350.

What country is predominantly Catholic?

Vatican City is a predominantly catholic country.

How to Observe National Catholic Sisters Week

  1. Attend a local event

    You can share in Catholic Sisters week by attending a local event near you. For more information, visit the Catholic Sisters Week website.

  2. Share on Social Media

    Unable to attend a local event? That’s okay! You can still participate in this event by sharing it on various social media platforms.

  3. Make Donations

    You can show your support for the Catholic Sisters by donating funds to support their endeavors. You will be helping to make a difference in the lives of many people.

5 Facts About Catholic Sisters

  1. They founded many hospitals

    Between 1866 and 1926, Catholic Sisters founded over 500 hospitals.

  2. Nuns and Catholic Sisters are Different

    Catholic Nuns and Catholic Sisters are different, Nuns live in a monastery while Catholic sisters minister in the world.

  3. There are over 700,000 Catholic Sisters

    Worldwide, there are over 700,000 active Catholic Sisters.

  4. They have no financial support

    Catholic Sisters are not financially supported by the Catholic Church.

  5. Catholic Sisters are many in India

    India has over 99,300 Catholic Sisters.

Why National Catholic Sisters Week is Important

  1. A way to honor religious women

    The National Catholic Sisters Week honors the accomplishments and efforts of Catholic Sisters worldwide. It is an opportune time to give them a big ‘thank you’ for all they do.

  2. A way to share spirituality

    National Catholic Sisters week is used to share spirituality with Christians and non-Christians alike. It makes for a great time to share your faith with others.

  3. Source of Inspiration

    The NCSW encourages self-reflection. It serves as an inspiration to those who are willing to serve and extend kindness, much like the Catholic Sisters.

National Catholic Sisters Week dates

2023March 8Wednesday
2024March 8Friday
2025March 8Saturday
2026March 8Sunday
2027March 8Monday

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