National Brothers and Sisters Day – May 2, 2020

Sat May 2

Today is dedicated to the people who (we hope) made your childhood memorable — your siblings. They’ve been there for you during the good times. And they haven’t left your side through the bad (even if they created it by getting you in trouble). Of course, there were probably times where you couldn’t stand the sight of each other. What siblings don’t get into fights? Still, National Brothers and Sisters Day is the day to reflect on the best times this May 2.

We all agree about the importance of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But brothers and sisters know you like no one else ever will.

National Brothers and Sisters Day - Survey Results


When asked whether they would prefer to have brothers/sisters or be an only child, 38% of sibling-less Americans said they are perfectly happy without brothers and sisters. Only 12% of Americans with siblings would prefer to be an only child.


35% of women would prefer to be the youngest child, 34% the oldest, 17% the middle child, and 14% an only child. Meanwhile, 40% of men would prefer to be the oldest child, 24% the youngest, 20% the middle child, and 16% an only child.

National Brothers and Sisters Day Activities

  1. Get nostalgic

    Revisit special memories and moments with your siblings. Go to the places they taught you to drive. Visit your favorite childhood haunts. There’s no way to go wrong here, as long as you’re celebrating and spending time together.

  2. Hang out

    Go out to lunch or dinner and catch up on old times. Talk about what’s new in your life and your upcoming events. Maybe this will even start a new tradition, or even a habit of catching up more often.

  3. Family vacation

    Make a list of places you’ve dreamed about visiting, local or internationally, and start checking off your bucket list. Create memories with them that will last a lifetime.

Why We Love National Brothers and Sisters Day

  1. Family ties

    Your brothers and sisters know you inside and out. If they’re older than you, they’ve been a part of your life since you were in diapers (they probably even changed a few, and for that, they deserve eternal gratitude). If you’re the older one, you’ve probably helped a sibling or two navigate through life — whether you’re intimidating their bullies or showing them a cool new trick on the swing set. These amazing bonds are what makes your relationship meaningful. Embrace them on National Brothers and Sisters Day

  2. Understanding

    No one will ever “get” you better than your sibling. At our jobs, we have to monitor what we say because we don’t want our thoughts to get misinterpreted. With our friends, we’re allowed to be a little weirder, but we can’t be too weird in case they decide to bail on us. But this isn’t the case with your siblings. You can be as crazy as you want, and say everything that comes to mind. They know the true you — and more importantly, they’re stuck with you.

  3. No secrets

    Remember those horrible fashion trends you participated in? All those toys you obsessed over that you would never be caught dead with today? Your siblings were there for all of it. They have the power in their hands to destroy you if they choose — and they’re being very nice by deciding not to (for the moment). As the saying goes, keep your friends close, your enemies closer — and your siblings closest. You’ll never know what they’ll reveal if you make them angry!

National Brothers and Sisters Day dates
2020May 2Saturday
2021May 2Sunday
2022May 2Monday
2023May 2Tuesday
2024May 2Thursday