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MonDec 9

National Blake Day – December 9, 2024

National Blake Day is a special day that takes place on December 9 every year. The day is a perfect opportunity to show love to all the Blakes around us. Blake is considered a unisex given name. People named Blake usually have a personality that likes to follow the rules and is simply conservative by nature. Blakes usually have an earthbound energy that prefers to build things methodically on top of firm foundations. They don’t like to cut corners, so they take their time and don’t like to be hurried. Blakes make skilled engineers and inventors.

History of National Blake Day

In 1989, the name Blake made it to the coveted position on America’s top 100 list. It has averaged around position number 85 for the past twenty years. It is considered a good choice for a one-syllable name.

Blake is a sound name for a boy, but it is not too masculine for a girl, however much fewer girls than boys in the U.S. go by this name. The stunning American actress, Blake Lively, is one of the popular females who goes by the name. Blake is a good name for a little male Gemini as it has a ‘yin and yang’ etymology, which represents the dual nature of the twin.

Blake is known to have originated as a surname in England, derived from a nickname. The nickname signified a person with hair or skin color that was either remarkably dark or extremely pale. The name first appeared in the 12th century, rendered as ‘le Blake’ in Devonshire. By the 17th century, it was also an early surname in the New World, specifically in the settlement of Virginia. Blake is a popular name in Canada, Australia, the U.S, the U.K, and Scotland. The name is also considered ‘Old Norse,’ first appearing in Yorkshire, England. It probably comes from the word ‘Blaker,’ which refers to a village and a former municipality in Akershus county, Norway.

National Blake Day timeline

Blake Adams is Born

The American golfer Blake Adams is born.

Blake Ahearn is Born

The American basketball coach Blake Ahearn is born.

Blake Allen is Born

The American composer Blake Allen is born.

Blake Acres is Born

The Australian rules footballer Blake Acres is born.

National Blake Day FAQs

Who is Blake Dermott?

Blake Dermott is a former professional Canadian football player. He played for the Edmonton Eskimos.

Who is Blake Doyle?

Blake Doyle is a baseball coach who served as the hitting coach of the Colorado Rockies from 2013 to 2016.

Who is Blake Ezor?

Blake Ezor is a former professional football player. He played running back for the Denver Broncos.

National Blake Day Activities

  1. Take the Blake in your life out for lunch

    The objective is to put a smile on Blake’s face. A nice meal in a cozy setting is sure to do just that.

  2. Share details of this day

    There could be people who do not know about National Blake Day. Share this information by word of mouth or via your social media pages.

  3. Do something nice

    Do something nice for a Blake in your life. It can be a big or small gesture to make them happy.

5 Famous Blakes

  1. The writer

    Blake Bailey is an American writer known for his literary biographies.

  2. The coach

    Blake Baker is an American football coach.

  3. The quarterback

    Blake Austin Barnett was an American football quarterback for the South Florida Bulls.

  4. The musician

    Blake Baxter is an American techno musician.

  5. The actor

    Blake Everett Berris is an American film and television actor.

Why We Love National Blake Day

  1. It is diverse

    Blake has been identified as a gender-neutral name. It is a name that is great for both guys and girls.

  2. It is universal

    You will find people called Blake everywhere. This is a name that is easily recognized all around the world.

  3. It is strong

    Blake is a powerful name. It gives the bearer a sense of stability.

National Blake Day dates

2024December 9Monday
2025December 9Tuesday
2026December 9Wednesday
2027December 9Thursday
2028December 9Saturday

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