International Day of Charity – September 5, 2020

Sat Sep 5

Attention all philanthropists: the International Day of Charity is September 5! If giving back makes you happy,  then get ready to start giving.

The International Day of Charity was originally a Hungarian civil society initiative to commemorate the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. In 2012, the UN General Assembly  turned this commemoration into an international event. Today, the focus is on enhancing visibility, organizing special events, and increasing solidarity, social responsibility, and public support.  If you’re interested in “paying it forward,” do it on September 5.

International Day of Charity Activities

  1. Attend an event

    On the International Day of Charity, there will be events going on all over the world. Attend one in your city or go one better, host an event of your own. When you spread love, it comes right back to you!

  2. Volunteer

    You've heard the expression, "time is money," which also means that time has value. Give your time by joining a literacy group to teach others to read or you read to the blind. Find that thing that stokes your passion for helping others.

  3. Check out

    You don't always have to go big to make an impact. GoFundMe is an online community resource. Ordinary people can help others solve major problems with just a small donation. Every little bit helps.

Why International Day of Charity is Important

  1. People always need help

    Life is hard, and for some, it’s nearly impossible. Due to unfortunate circumstances, some people are trapped in negative cycles that prevent them from affecting positive change in their own lives. As a species, human survival depends on helping others. Use International Day of Charity to reach out.

  2. It encourages us to go beyond our comfort zone

    The busy-ness of our daily lives can render us short-sighted, concentrating on our own problems while ignoring those of others. While it's important not to neglect yourself in favor of others (because it’s always harder to help people when nobody is helping you,) it’s also important to reach out to others and give them a hand, if you can. The International Day of Charity is the perfect time to remember that.

  3. It reminds us to find the right charity

    On the International Day of Charity, you may discover a cause that drives you. Donate money or give your time but do something to make a difference.

International Day of Charity dates
2020September 5Saturday
2021September 5Sunday
2022September 5Monday
2023September 5Tuesday
2024September 5Thursday