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Corpus Christi in Colombia – June 12, 2023

Corpus Christi in Colombia is observed on the first Monday after the global celebration in Columbia and this year it will be observed on June 12. Corpus Christi is Latin for ‘the body of Christ,’ and it honors the presence of Jesus’ corpse in the Eucharist. The day is marked with a somber celebration, as devotees gather to feast and share their blessings with their families.

History of Corpus Christi in Colombia

Corpus Christi is a beautiful Catholic celebration that honors the divine presence of Jesus’ corpse. The holiday was brought into existence by Christian saint Juliana Liege, who serviced the churches of present-day Belgium. Liege claimed to have mystic visions about divine symbols. At age 16, she had her first vision of the splendid moon halved by a line, alerting her of the absence of devotees in the room where Christ’s soulless body rested.

This day is marked to proclaim the faith of the Catholic Church in the Blessed Sacrament. The celebration in Colombia takes place on the first Monday after the official global festival that falls on Thursday.

In 1983, a public holiday and formal commemoration for the day were declared. The zeal with which Colombian Christians observe the Feast of Corpus Christi is unrivaled. In its Primate Cathedral, the city of Bogotá holds a Eucharist. Garlands are strung across the streets as the Presidential Guard Battalion marches through the metropolis to the accompaniment of musical bands playing Eucharistic melodies. Catholics are reminded of the supreme sacrifice made by Jesus Christ as the monstrance containing his body is paraded through the streets. Three days are dedicated to Corpus Christi celebrations in other places, such as Cundinamarca. Modern rituals have been included in traditional activities to include the younger generations in the ceremonies.

Corpus Christi in Colombia timeline

The Vision of Christ

Saint Liege gets her first vision of Christ at the age of 16.

The Promotion and Prominence

Saint Liege shares her visions with Canon John of Lausanne after being elected as the prioress of the double canonry.

The First Feast

Bishop Robert organizes the first feast of Christ's Body and Blood.

The Latin Passage

Pope Urban IV administers a decree for the first papally sanctioned universal feast on the eve of Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi in Colombia FAQs

What color do you wear for Corpus Christi?

White and purple are the colors for Corpus Christi.

Is Colombia a Christian country?

Roman Catholicism is the majority religion in Colombia and is adhered to by 90% of citizens.

What is the ‘Most Holy Body of Christ?’

The Colombian Churches refer to Corpus Christi as the ‘Most Holy Body of Christ.’

How to Observe Corpus Christi in Colombia

  1. Attend Church

    Almost all countries have different dates and ways to celebrate Corpus Christi. But all of those have Church in common. Mark the day with a mass at your nearby Church.

  2. Feast with your family

    The best way to honor the vision of Saint Liege is to have a feast and feel the presence of Christ in your communion. Invite all your friends and family to join.

  3. Express gratitude

    There’s plenty to be thankful for, most of all the divinity of Christ. True believers commemorate the day by listing the things they feel blessed to have. It is through the expression of gratitude that we open ourselves up to new blessings.

5 Celebrations Of Corpus Christi Across The World

  1. Haiti

    Corpus Christi is honored as a public holiday, and communion is served with wine and bread.

  2. Trinidad and Tobago

    Corpus Christi is celebrated with the Institution of the Mass at the church.

  3. Portugal

    A national holiday is observed, and olive oil, garlic, wine, and cheese are offered at the communion.

  4. Brazil

    Roman Catholics celebrate the day in late May/early June with a feast at their homes.

  5. Poland

    The Poles celebrate the day with a liturgical procession at the Church, and Christians publically confess to their faiths.

Why Corpus Christi in Colombia is Important

  1. It is an acknowledgment of Christ’s sacrifice

    The Feast of Corpus Christi is held to commemorate Christ's death on the cross and to instill renewed faith in his followers. It is a day to acknowledge how much Christ had sacrificed.

  2. It honors the ultimate sacrifice

    Corpus Christi honors the Holy Eucharist on the day of his wreath. It is the most common ritual followed by Christians across the world.

  3. It unites the believers

    Corpus Christi unites the believers and reignites their faith in the divine miracle of Christ. The observation begins with the vision of a devotee, which makes it a special calling of the Lord himself.

Corpus Christi in Colombia dates

2022June 20Monday
2023June 12Monday
2024June 3Monday
2025June 23Monday
2026June 8Monday

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