Sean William McLoughlin, popularly known as Jacksepticeye, was born on February 7, 1990. He is a popular YouTuber, gamer, and social media personality with a huge following. McLoughlin started his internet career by making voice impressions on YouTube. Today, he’s one of the highest-paid YouTubers on the platform. His innovative videos, personality, generosity, and candid nature have made him an endearing character to fans worldwide. He’s a great guy, which is why we’re celebrating his special day here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Sean William McLoughlin


Jack, Jacksepticeye

Birth date:

February 7, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$25 million

Sean's Social Media:


Sean Willian McLoughlin, better known as ‘Jacksepticeye,’ is a household name in the YouTube and gaming world. Before he became the Jacksepticeye, McLoughlin, born on February 7, 1990, in Ireland, was the average child born to an average family. His father, John, worked for the “Electricity Supply Board,” ESB, while his mother worked different jobs. McLoughlin is an Aquarius of Irish descent who — like most of his peers — started playing video games at age seven. He loved playing his “Nintendo Gameboy” and would immerse himself in its world. He earned his alias, ‘Jack Septic Eye’ after a football match accident where he injured his eye and decided to use it for his internet career. McLoughlin went to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel Management from the Athlone Institute of Technology.

In December 2012, McLoughlin made a YouTube channel where he uploaded videos as Jacksepticeye. His initial content focused on voice impressions. Later, he started making gaming content. His first glimpse of success was in 2013 when a fellow YouTuber, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie, mentioned him in his video. This mention caused a ripple effect for McLoughlin. His number of subscribers increased by six times. He went from 2,500 subscribers to 15,000 in as little as four days, and by May 2014, he made YouTube his full-time job. By July of the same year, McLoughlin had amassed 800,000 subscribers; by August, he hit a million. His growth only became exponential from that point. By 2016, he co-hosted the SXSW Gaming Awards and signed with Revelmode. In 2017, after a controversy with PewDiePie, Disney Digital Network signed McLoughlin. In the same year, he was featured on Ireland’s Rich List and Forbes list as one of the Top Gaming influencers of 2017. This inclusion gave him more publicity than one can fathom.

Jacksepticeye only seemed to flourish from thereon out. He got signed with WME — a talent agency — and was listed again by Forbes on its 2020 30 under 30 list. McLoughlin was even featured in the 2021 Movie “Free Guy.” His accolades, features, and business ventures precede him. McLoughlin has never been married, but he is in a relationship with Evelien Smolders — a Dutch YouTuber.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Launched

McLoughlin starts posting videos under a Jacksepticeye account.

The Mention by PewDiePie

McLoughlin is mentioned in a PewDiePie video which increases his number of subscribers.

The Deal With Revelmode

With over six million subscribers, McLoughlin becomes one of the YouTubers to sign under “Revelmode”— PewDiePie’s multi-channel network.

The Deal with Disney Digital Network

Disney signs McLoughlin, and he appears in “Polaris: Player Select” on Disney XD.

The Inclusion on Forbes List

Forbes lists McLoughlin as the eighth highest-paid gamer for that year.

The Movie Debut

McLoughlin appears as himself in the 2021 movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Why We Love Jacksepticeye

  1. He’s a philanthropist

    McLoughlin has been called a prolific philanthropist by “Business Insider.” He’s partnered with multiple charities and causes like ‘Save the Children,’ ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and several more.

  2. He’s an entrepreneur

    Apart from being a gaming sensation, McLoughlin owns a clothing brand and a coffee company. He also produces TikTok content and does live streams on Twitch.

  3. He turned mockery into fame

    McLoughlin was mocked with ‘Jack Septic Eye,' and he used this to his favor. He created a new narrative for the name.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He released an EP

    McLoughlin was a member of the band, Raised to the Ground and in 2009, they released an extended play called “Risen from the Ashes.”

  2. He dropped out of college

    McLoughlin dropped out of college in the third year of his Music Technology and Production degree at the Limerick Institute of Technology.

  3. He’s amassed 15 billion views

    McLoughlin has accumulated over 15 billion views on his YouTube channel.

  4. He may be allergic to cats

    Although McLoughlin currently owns a cat, he has stated that he might be allergic to them.

  5. He once lived in a cabin

    Rather than leave home entirely, McLoughlin decided to move into the log cabin next to his parent’s house.

Jacksepticeye FAQs

Is McLoughlin sick?

The YouTuber had revealed that although he stopped getting asthma attacks at 18, the ailment has returned.

Does McLoughlin have a mental illness?

He supports multiple mental health charities but hasn’t been diagnosed with mental illness.

Does McLoughlin believe in God?

No. McLoughlin has stated that he does not believe in God.

Jacksepticeye’s birthday dates

2025February 7Friday
2026February 7Saturday
2027February 7Sunday
2028February 7Monday
2029February 7Wednesday

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