Brittney Atwood

Brittney Atwood, born on February 16, 1991, is the wife of the YouTube phenomenon Roman Atwood and is often seen on her husband’s channel. She has a self-titled channel where she vlogs about fashion and nutrition. Let’s celebrate her birthday with exciting insights into her life right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Brittney Danielle Smith Atwood

Birth date:

February 16, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$12 million

Brittney's Social Media:


Brittney Atwood was born Britney Smith on February 16, 1991, in Ohio. Her parents divorced when she was young, and her father remarried. She shares a beautiful relationship with her parents; she loves her father especially and recalls the best time of her life was fishing with him. She also maintains a good relationship with her stepmother. Atwood had a rough time during high school and maintained a gothic style.

Atwood started her career by appearing on her husband’s channel. Her husband’s video “Anniversary Prank Backfires” made her super famous. In the video, he pranks his wife by telling her that he cheated on her, oblivious that she had seen him set up the camera. In return, Atwood pranks him by pretending she was hurt and then tells him that she has cheated on him, which he believes. The video ends with her revealing that she knew he was up to something and pranked him in return. The video had nearly 100 million views to date. Today, she helps her husband shoot vlogs and also manages her husband’s merchandise. She also has her own personal YouTube channel where she posts videos on fashion and nutrition.

Fate brought the Atwood couple together — she met him at her sister’s wedding in 2008 where he stood as the best man. They dated since then and eventually married on July 27, 2018, in Maui, Hawaii. She has two sons and one daughter with her husband, while also becoming a stepmother to his son from a previous marriage.

Career timeline

The Beginning of Love

After a troubled period in high school, she meets her future husband and they start dating.

Her Road To Fame

She gains fame and popularity by appearing in her husband's "Anniversary Prank Backfires" video.

Her Own YouTube Channel

After appearing for a while on her husband's channel, she creates her own.

New Beginnings

Atwood and her husband sell their house to another YouTuber.

Why We Love Brittney Atwood

  1. The way she deals with negativity

    Brittney Atwood has never replied to hate comments and prefers to ignore them. She doesn’t feel the need to justify such negative remarks.

  2. She's always helping

    When her husband is filming videos, she lends a hand. In addition to her husband’s extensive collection of products, she also assists him in managing the sales and inventory of the goods he sells online.

  3. Her family is everything to her

    In addition to being a wonderful mother, she is a devoted wife who has supported her husband along with becoming an international sensation. She also takes care of the health of her children and husband.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is an animal lover

    Brittney Atwood loves animals and the family has two cats, countless fish in an aquarium, and two dogs.

  2. She had plastic surgery

    Atwood underwent a breast enlargement operation in 2018.

  3. She likes tattoos

    She has tattoos on two fingers of her left hand, with one of them showing the letter ‘R,’ the initial of her husband’s name.

  4. Her dream car

    She likes automobiles and dreams of owning a Mercedes G Wagon someday.

  5. Her hobbies

    When not busy creating content for her YouTube channel, Atwood enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people.

Brittney Atwood FAQs

How long have Brittany and Roman Atwood been together?

They’ve been together for over a decade.

What is Brittney Atwood's weight?

Atwood weighs around 125 pounds.

How much did Brittney Atwood's engagement ring cost?

It is not known, but it must have been very expensive; after all, it is a diamond ring.

Brittney Atwood’s birthday dates

2024February 16Friday
2025February 16Sunday
2026February 16Monday
2027February 16Tuesday
2028February 16Wednesday

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