Damien Prince

Damien Prince, born on February 18, 1992, is a famed American YouTuber and musician. Best known for his YouTube channel, “The Prince Family,” he makes daily vlogs and other viral content with his wife and kids. His videos usually consist of various fun challenges, reactions, and pranks, which are almost always an instant hit among viewers. So, let’s get together and celebrate his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Damien Antwon Prince

Birth date:

February 18, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Damien's Social Media:


Damien Antwon Prince was born to Sybrena Cooper and Damion Cryer on February 18, 1992. He was raised in the city of Fort Wayne in Indiana, U.S. Prince also has four siblings — Margaret Foster, Sypairra Cooper, Darion Cryer, and Deonte Cooper. Unfortunately, his brother Deonte passed away in 2017. Prince completed his early education at the South Side High School in Fort Wayne. However, Prince was not keen on continuing his education and quit his studies. Thereafter, he kicked off his career as a YouTuber.

On March 11, 2016, Prince collaborated with his then-girlfriend Biannca Raines and created a YouTube channel called “D&B Nation.” It was jam-packed with entertaining content for the masses, which included several highly-viewed music videos, prank videos, as well as reaction videos. Some of the channel’s most popular uploads were “Lyric Prank Turns into a Break-Up Prank with Boyfriend,” “Caught Cheating on My Husband Prank,” and “I Proposed To Biannca.” Following the success of D&B Nation, Prince started another YouTube channel named “The Prince Family” on August 23, 2016. This channel has garnered immense popularity over the years and posts videos on challenges, pranks, vlogs, and games. Videos like “Giving Up Nova for Adoption Prank” and “Catfishing My Husband to See If He Cheats Leads to Real Breakup” are some of this channel’s most viewed videos. Hilarious dancing and sing-along challenges are also quite popular on this channel.

Prince had been in a relationship with Raines since 2011. The couple decided to tie the knot in the year 2017. As of 2022, Prince and Raines have four children: two daughters — Ayla Faith Prince and Nova Grace Prince — and two sons — Kyrie Prince and DJ Prince. The family still lives in Indiana.

Career timeline

He Renames His YouTube Channel

Due to fan requests, Prince changes the name of his first YouTube channel from “Couple Reacts” to “D&B Nation.”

His Popularity Soars

“D&B Nation” reaches the milestone of two million subscribers.

Prince Makes Music

“The Prince Family” releases their first music video, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.”

They Become Even More Popular

Prince’s YouTube channel amasses a staggering fan base of over eight million subscribers.

Why We Love Damien Prince

  1. Prince is a devoted husband and father

    Prince never shies away from expressing his love for his family on camera. In fact, his proposal video to Raines remains one of the top-viewed videos on his channel. As a result, the Prince family is ‘#goals’ for fans.

  2. His never-say-never attitude

    As mentioned earlier, Prince was convicted in the past. However, he did not let hardships obstruct his path and paved his own way.

  3. He keeps it real

    Prince says he likes to keep things real on social media. Fans admire him for his honesty and authenticity.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is an ex-convict

    In a 2016 video, Prince talked about his days as a hustling thug who went to jail several times.

  2. His father owned a business

    As his father was a businessman, the YouTube sensation had a middle-class upbringing.

  3. His name was messed up

    Prince’s first name was supposed to have another pronunciation, but was messed up on his birth certificate.

  4. Prince met Raines through work

    Prince and Raines both worked at a restaurant, which is where they met each other.

  5. He has a special tattoo

    Prince has a tattoo of his wife’s name on his wrist.

Damien Prince FAQs

When did Damien Prince get engaged?

Prince and Raines got engaged on November 20, 2016.

What is Prince’s ethnicity?

He is African-American.

How old is Prince’s wife?

Raines was born on March 6, 1977. She is 25 years old (as of 2022).

Damien Prince’s birthday dates

2025February 18Tuesday
2026February 18Wednesday
2027February 18Thursday
2028February 18Friday
2029February 18Sunday

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