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Matt FamilyFunPack, born on February 22, 1979, started uploading videos to YouTube that featured his children — and before he knew it, he had a massive success on his hands. His family’s antics have proven to be quality content for millions worldwide. Being just in time for the boom of family YouTube channels, he became part of one of the most iconic channels of the genre and even landed a deal for a T.V. show centered around his family. You can celebrate his special day right here.

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Matt FamilyFunPack

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February 22, 1979



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Matt FamilyFunPack is showing the world how to become a famous online dad. Being one half of the parenting team of a successful family YouTube channel, millions tune in to watch what he gets up to. He was born on February 22, 1979, in California. He hasn’t revealed information about his early life, and he also hasn’t disclosed his last name. When Matt attended college, he met the woman who would become his wife, Kristine FamilyFunPack.

In 2011, he and his wife created a YouTube account called “FamilyFunPack,” to post videos of their children, Alyssa, David, and twins Zac and Chris. Their first video featured the last two and was titled “Twins Putting Themselves to Bed.” This ended up being an incredibly successful video, and it launched them to YouTube stardom, establishing the family as a pivotal channel in the Family YouTubers genre. Since then, the FamilyFunPack has grown, with Matt and Kristine welcoming three new children, Michael, Owen, and Chloe. The channel is well known for uploading videos featuring trips to waterparks, the children in playgrounds, a day in the life, family adventures, the children playing with toys, cooking, challenges, unboxing videos, stay-at-home, indoor playground, and fan mail. A new video is posted to the “Mommy Monday” series about mom/parenting life every Monday.

In 2016, they posted a video about what they love to do as a family, introducing viewers to their popular channel. Their first video remains one of the most popular ones, but another popular video features the twins fighting over a vacuum. Their immense popularity has landed them some incredible deals with the networks Fullscreen, Collective Digital Studio, and StyleHaul. Over the years, their channel has garnered over nine million subscribers and over 14 billion views. As for Matt himself, he has over 80 thousand followers on TikTok, over 60 thousand followers on Instagram, and over a thousand followers on Twitter.

Career timeline

Their First Child is Born

Matt and his wife welcome their first daughter Alyssa.

Their First Video

Matt and his wife create their family’s YouTube channel and upload the video “Twins Putting Themselves To Bed.”

They Get Signed By C.D.S.

Matt and his wife sign a deal to be part of the Collective Digital Studio network.

A New Network

Matt and his wife sign a deal with the StyleHaul network.

Why We Love Matt FamilyFunPack

  1. He values privacy

    While much of Matt and his wife's life is visible to the public, they are aware that they and their kids can still enjoy privacy. Their real names are among the many private aspects of their lives, and they plan to keep them that way.

  2. His fans are loyal

    Matt and his family have a massive following because of their entertainment content. On Social Blade in 2018, they were ranked number 19.

  3. He only focuses on positivity

    Everyone knows that a YouTube comments section can be a tricky place to look at, especially for kids. To deal with hate, Matt and his wife put filters on comments so that only positivity will appear in their comment sections.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. They have even-spaced children

    Matt’s first four children are all 39 months apart.

  2. He lives in Hawaii

    Matt and his family live on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

  3. The fun nicknames for his family

    Matt loves to give his family fun nicknames, which any superfan will know.

  4. He loves dogs

    Matt and his family have two adorable dogs named Cona and Hannah.

  5. He loves hiking

    Matt loves to go on outdoor adventures, especially hiking.

Matt FamilyFunPack FAQs

Is Matt musically inclined?

Yes, Matt is musically inclined and can play the piano and saxophone.

How did Matt and his wife meet?

They met in college.

Where does Family Fun Pack live?

Matt and his family have lived in California and Hawaii.

Matt FamilyFunPack’s birthday dates

2025February 22Saturday
2026February 22Sunday
2027February 22Monday
2028February 22Tuesday
2029February 22Thursday

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