Jack Dylan Grazer

Jack Dylan Grazer is a Hollywood actor born on September 3, 2003. He began his acting career in brief appearances in films and television before landing his breakout role as Eddie Kaspbrak in the 2017 and 2019 film adaptations of Stephen King’s novel “It.” We need a clown not to scare but to wish and entertain him on his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jack Dylan Grazer

Birth date:

September 3, 2003



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Jack's Social Media:


Being a child celebrity is not easy, but Grazer has made it appear like a piece of cake. The striking young star first appeared on screen in 2014, and he has been on the rise ever since. Despite his youth, he has worked with some of the industry’s top stars and received two awards already. Jack Dylan Grazer was born to Angela Lafever and Gavin Grazer on September 3, 2003, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

His father Gavin Grazer, is an actor-director, while his uncle Brian Thomas Grazer, is a Hollywood film producer. He is a Texas graduate of the Adderley School, where he annually sponsors two students with a scholarship.

A lot of commercials have featured Grazer. His debut acting appearance was in the 2014 television series “The Greatest Event in Television History,” followed by a cameo in the 2015 comedy “Bang, Bang!” He made his film debut in 2015 with the horror-comedy film “Tales of Halloween.” After that, he was accepted into the Adderley Repertory Theater Ensemble program, where he starred in several of their productions.

Grazer got his big Hollywood break with the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “It” (2017). This horror movie was a box office hit, and his performance as Eddie Kaspbrak earned him popularity. In the same year, he starred in another film, “Scales: Mermaids Are Real,” and had a regular role in the C.B.S. sitcom “Me, Myself, and I,” in which he portrayed young Alex Riley. After “Beautiful Boy” (2018), “Shazam!” (2019) was his next project. In 2019, Grazer returned in “It: Chapter Two.”

Career timeline

First Appearance as an Actor

Grazer does a cameo in "The Greatest Event in Television History," a special mockumentary series.

His Big Screen Debut

Grazer portrays the bullied kid dressed as a cowboy who is tormented in the alley by the trio of bullies.

His Blockbuster Film

In the movie adaptation of Stephen King's legendary horror "It," Grazer plays Eddie Kaspbrak.

Grazer's Award for ‘Eddie’

For his role as Eddie, he also wins the M.T.V. Movie & T.V. Awards for Best On-Screen Team.

Nominated for Another Award

He and the cast of "It" are nominated for a Fright Meter Award in the category of Best Ensemble Cast.

An Actor to Watch Out For

The Hollywood Critics Association awards Grazer the ‘Next Generation of Hollywood’ award on January 10 for "It: Chapter Two."

Why We Love Jack Dylan Grazer

  1. He sponsors a scholarship

    Grazer is so passionate about acting that he wants to help others reach their goals. He is an alumnus of Texas’ Adderley School, where he annually sponsors students with a scholarship. He told “The Glass Magazine” that he wants children who don't have the resources or opportunities to pursue their aspirations to be able to do so.

  2. He's an anti-bullying ambassador

    Grazer is an outspoken advocate of anti-bullying. He became a global ambassador for the nonprofit Stomp Out Bullying in 2019. Stomp Out Bullying is the top national anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization for kids and teens in the United States.

  3. He's humorous

    He is the JACK of all trades and master of everything, from comedy to dabbling in TikTok. He likes to make fun of himself and is extremely clever.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He loves to skateboard

    He's been a long-time skateboarder who's been honing his talent for years.

  2. He started a clothing line

    He also enjoys drawing, and as a result, has created some designs for his apparel line, ‘Dull Boy Doodlez.’

  3. He likes to shoot films

    He filmed a documentary titled "Family is Family," which won him the Best Documentary Award in his school.

  4. He is afraid of pigeons

    He was four years old when he witnessed a girl with a pigeon stuck in her hair when he was at McDonald's with his grandfather; it seems like he never really got over that incident.

  5. He likes to travel

    He has traveled much throughout the years, visiting destinations like Brazil and Spain.

Jack Dylan Grazer FAQs

What gender is Jack Dylan Grazer?

Grazer declared “he/they” as his pronouns on an Instagram live stream, revealing that he is bisexual.

Who's Jack Dylan Grazer’s best friend?

After co-starring in 2017’s “It,” Jack and Finn from “Stranger Things” became great friends.

Who is Jack Dylan Grazer dating?

Jack Grazer is currently in a relationship with Morgan Cohen.

Jack Dylan Grazer’s birthday dates

2024September 3Tuesday
2025September 3Wednesday
2026September 3Thursday
2027September 3Friday
2028September 3Sunday

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