Riley Hubatka

Riley Hubatka was born on September 3, 2001, in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. She is a TikTok star, model, actress, and social media influencer from the United States. Hubatka rose to prominence on TikTok for her comedic memes and clips, and her fans adore her for her angelic beauty and comedic memes and skits. She has over 8.5 million TikTok followers and 586 million likes, over 2.2 million Instagram followers, and 132,000 Twitter followers. We are here to help you celebrate her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Riley Hubatka

Birth date:

September 3, 2001



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Riley's Social Media:


Riley Hubatka was born on September 3, 2001, in Portland, Oregon, United States. She is a TikTok sensation from the United States, with nearly 8.5 million followers and over 586 million likes on the platform. Her fans adore her for her angelic beauty, comedic memes, and skits, which never fail to make her audience laugh. Hubatka frequently includes her parents and siblings in her videos. She is confident, beautiful, and poised and plans to pursue a modeling career soon. She has already modeled for Planet 21 Salon, a high-end salon in Charlotte.

Hubatka started using TikTok in July of this year. She was able to build a large fan following in a short period by posting regularly on the app. Her following has grown at an exponential rate over the last few years. She primarily shares comedic or dancing videos. Hubatka has a very high engagement rate on TikTok. Based on her most recent posts, she has an engagement rate of more than 10%. In early 2020, the average sponsorship rate she charges is between $700 and $1200 per engagement.

Hubatka has always been interested in comedy and has had a passion for acting since she was a child. Larry Hubatka is her father, and Kelly Hubatka is her mother. Both of her parents have appeared in some of her videos, revealing their lighter sides. She has three sisters, Lucy Hubatka, Lily Hubatka, and Audrey Hubatka. Hubatka had a wonderful childhood with her family; her parents and siblings always supported her decisions and insisted that she pursue her dream of becoming a model. Her current celebrity status, she claims, is primarily due to the support of her parents and siblings.

Career timeline

She Creates a YouTube Channel

Hubatka launches a YouTube channel called "Riley Hubatka."

She Starts Posting on TikTok

Hubatka creates a TikTok account and starts posting funny skits, dance videos, and videos in which she expresses her thoughts to her followers.

She Publishes her First YouTube Video

Hubatka publishes her first video on YouTube titled "Q&A + GET TO KNOW ME // RILEY HUBATKA," with over 363,000 views and 35,000 likes at the time of writing.

She is Famous on TikTok

Hubatka gains over 8.5 million followers and 586 million likes on TikTok, making her a viral star.

Why We Love Riley Hubatka

  1. She is always honest with her fans

    Hubatka has a sizable social media following, thanks to her stunning looks and charming personality. However, her fans adore her even more because she is kind and honest, always telling her fans the truth about her life and never being sketchy.

  2. She inspires confidence

    Hubatka's fans adore her because she embodies confidence. She has a strong personality and is always straightforward.

  3. She doesn’t spread negativity

    Hubatka rose to fame on TikTok, and while some of her critics try to bring her down, she refuses to let negativity stop her from pursuing her dreams. She avoids negative situations that could harm her reputation by not spreading false information or negativity.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was homeschooled

    Hubatka has been homeschooled since she was a child; she revealed that she joined a hair school to pursue her passion for hair and makeup.

  2. Her favorite actor is Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattison is Hubatka's favorite actor, and she enjoyed watching him in “The Twilight Saga.”

  3. She loves continental cuisine

    Hubatka enjoys a wide variety of foods and is always eager to try new ones, particularly those from her favorite continental cuisine.

  4. She has many hobbies

    Hubatka enjoys making TikTok videos and has become very famous, but she also enjoys dancing, singing, photoshoots, and applying makeup.

  5. She began vlogging on YouTube

    Hubatka rose to fame on TikTok and decided to start vlogging on YouTube to share her life with her fans; she has posted numerous vlogs and continues to do so regularly.

Riley Hubatka FAQs

Is Riley Hubatka dating Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall denied that they were dating in August 2021, but Hubatka explained her side of the story on the BFFs podcast, claiming that she and Hall were never together.

Where did Riley Hubatka move to?

Hubatka recently moved into an apartment and recorded a vlog about her experience shopping for her new place on YouTube.

What type of music does Riley Hubatka listen to?

Hubatka enjoys both rap and pop music, but jazz is her favorite.

Riley Hubatka’s birthday dates

2024September 3Tuesday
2025September 3Wednesday
2026September 3Thursday
2027September 3Friday
2028September 3Sunday

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