September 8th Birthdays

We have 11 birthdays listed for September 8.

September 8 is the 251st day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the body of Jack the Ripper's second victim was found, the Pledge of Allegiance was first said, and Yellowstone National Park was closed for the first time ever due to fires. Famous birthdays include Pink, Bernie Sanders, and Wiz Khalifa. September 8 also marks German Language Day and International Literacy Day.

Pink’s Birthday

This talented singer has created a legacy that will stand the test of time.


Quinton Griggs’s Birthday

For this TikTok star and pop singer, nothing can get in the way of greatness.


Moe Assad’s Birthday

For this professional Twitch streamer, irrevocable success is one live stream away.


Patsy Cline’s Birthday

The inimitable Patsy Cline leaves behind a rich musical legacy. May her soul rest in peace.


Martin Freeman’s Birthday

Martin Freeman is a seasoned actor — he has portrayed many beloved characters!


Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s Birthday

Throughout the 1990s, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the guy of every teenager’s dreams.


Jonah Michael Scott’s Birthday

For this exceptional American voice actor, the sky is indeed the limit.


Fe4RLess’s Birthday

This YouTuber has achieved the coveted trifecta of fame, success, and greatness.


Avicii’s Birthday

This musician can rest knowing the world is better off having experienced his talents.