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WedOct 16

National Trey Day – October 16, 2024

National Trey Day is annually celebrated on October 16. It honors the name “Trey,” its history, and anyone who uses it as an identifier. Learn more about National Trey Day right here with us at National Today! Trey has many meanings and is usually given to baby boys. It ties in with several different languages, which we’re going to explore.

History of National Trey Day

Trey is a boy’s name with several meanings, such as ‘three’ and ‘third.’ It is both a given and a nickname. The name originates from the Latin word ‘tres,’ meaning ‘three.’ It was traditionally given to the third-born son during the previous centuries. However, now it can be given to any child as a first or last name. The lucky number associated with the name is five.

Between 1840 and 1920, the Trey family name was discovered in huge numbers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Scotland. In 1920, the U.S. had the largest population of people with the name ‘Trey,’ and Pennsylvania had the highest recorded population of families named Trey. Similarly, the name was a hot favorite in the U.K. and Scotland, often peaking baby name lists.

The life expectancy of people named Trey in the U.S. was lowest in 1987 and highest in 1988. Moreover, people with the name had an average life expectancy of 66 in 1964 and 75 in 2004. The name rose to its peak in 2006, reaching the 250s in baby name rankings. Around 1,300 people were named ‘Trey’ that year. However, during the past decade, the popularity of the name has been declining — only about 400 people were given the name.

National Trey Day timeline

Trey Becomes a Name

Hundreds of people are named Trey in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Scotland.

The Largest Population

The United States has the largest population of people named Trey.

The Lowest Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of people named Trey in the U.S. is at its lowest.

A Rise in Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of people named Trey rises to 75 years.

National Trey Day FAQs

What does Trey slang mean?

‘Trey’ is basketball slang for a three-point shot.

In French, what does ‘Trey’ mean?

‘Trey’ means ‘the three’ in French.

Is Trey a word in Scrabble?

Trey is an acceptable Scrabble word.

National Trey Day Activities

  1. Donate to charity

    We all have causes that are important to us. So, on National Trey Day, spend a few minutes donating whatever you can to the charity of your choice.

  2. Try new recipes

    If you enjoy cooking or baking, take the time to try a new recipe you've wanted to try on National Trey Day. Spending time baking or cooking something you enjoy is usually a good idea, whether you create it from scratch or use a pre-made mixture.

  3. Sample some wine

    You don't have to go to a nice winery to have a good time. Throw a party and request that each of your pals bring a bottle of wine. Enjoy sampling different wine varieties while catching up.

5 Unique Facts About The Name Trey

  1. It’s the 1,776th most common name

    In the U.S., Trey is the 1,776th most common name.

  2. It’s relatively uncommon

    For every 100,000 Americans, there are four people named Trey.

  3. Trey is a first name

    Trey is frequently used as a first name.

  4. It was very popular

    The highest recorded use of the name was in 2006.

  5. It’s common in S.S.A. records

    The name ‘Trey’ was found 37,914 times in the S.S.A. public database.

Why We Love National Trey Day

  1. It influences our personalities

    Our names have the power to shape our personalities. We might be more creative and open-minded due to having an uncommon name.

  2. It appreciates people named Trey

    National Trey Day appreciates people named Trey. If you’re a Trey, today’s the perfect day to enjoy everything you like.

  3. It's a social event

    The holiday is a social gathering. It's the ideal opportunity to gather all your friends and family for a party or brunch.

National Trey Day dates

2024October 16Wednesday
2025October 16Thursday
2026October 16Friday
2027October 16Saturday
2028October 16Monday

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