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WedOct 16

National Eddie Day – October 16, 2024

National Eddie Day is an annual celebration that raises a toast to and honors all Eddies worldwide. The holiday is like a birthday for people named Eddie. They can do anything they want or like, such as eat as many sweets or meat as possible, go skinny dipping, and much more.

History of National Eddie Day

Eddie is a male English name, meaning ‘wealthy guardian.’ It is a diminutive version or nickname for names that begin with ‘Ed’ such as Edwin, Edward, Eddison, Eduardo, or Edgar. When traced back to the Old English word ‘Eadwine,’ the name means ‘rich or happy,’ and when traced back to the word ‘Eadweard,’ it means happy or guardian. In French, the name ‘Eddie’ is a diminutive of ‘Edward,’ meaning ‘wealthy guardian; or ‘prosperous protector.’ The name also means ‘rich in friendship’ in English.

Eddie is also the diminutive of the royal name ‘Edward,’ borne by eight kings of England. It is currently held by Prince Edward, the son of Queen Elizabeth II. Some famous people with the name are actor Eddie Murphy, musician Eddie Van Halen, and wrestler Eddie Guerrero. Fictional characters with the name include Eddie Carmichael, a Ravenclaw student in Harry Potter, and Eddie Kasbrak in Stephen King’s “It.”

The use of Eddie as a surname dates back to the 6th century, to a priest named Stephen of Ribon. Later, it was recorded in the Domesday Book in 1066. Four hundred years later, someone named William Eddy was noted in a record in Hertfordshire. However, after 1570, the name Eddie became common, often appearing in the forms of Eddy or Eddye. The name migrated to the New World in the 1830s.

National Eddie Day timeline

A Recorded Use of Eddie

The Domesday Book notes down the name ‘Eddie.’

Eddie From Frasier

Eddie is the name of the dog in the American comedy “Frasier.”

Eddie Murphy's Golden Globe Awards

Eddie Murphy receives the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

The Hangover Movie

Eddie is a character in the American comedy film “The Hangover.”

National Eddie Day FAQs

Is Eddie more popular than Eddy?

“Eddie” is a more popular moniker than “Eddy.”

What is Eddie's nationality?

As Eddie is a common English name, someone named “Eddie” has a higher chance of being an English person.

Is the name Eddy German?

“Eddy” is a German name for girls.

National Eddie Day Activities

  1. Make a name card

    Create a name card. Take the time to write a thoughtful message for a friend named Eddie. They’ll appreciate it.

  2. Try something new

    Choose an activity you've been meaning to try for a long time. Whether it's a wine tasting class, skydiving, or an art class, there's something for everyone.

  3. Drink with colleagues

    Meet up with buddies at the end of the day if you've spent the day at work. Go to a fancy bar for a drink or celebrate somewhere nearby.

5 Popular Eddy’s In The U.S.

  1. The Hawaiian Surfer

    Eddie Aikau was a lifeguard and surfer who saved over 500 people and found fame for braving the waves.

  2. The NBA Star

    Eddy Curry is a retired professional basketball player who shot to fame after he was picked by the Chicago Bulls straight from high school.

  3. The Award Winning Martial Arts Artist

    Eddie Alvarez is known as the “Underground King” of Mixed Martial Arts.

  4. The Comedy King

    In the 1980s Eddie Murphy was known as the “dominant comedic voice in the U.S.” and he is best known for his voice acting role as “donkey” in the movie series “Shrek.”

  5. The Race Car Driver

    Eddie Cheever is a former race car driver whose career spanned almost 30 years.

Why We Love National Eddie Day

  1. It celebrates Eddies

    A person’s name is their identifying marker. So today we celebrate everything that is unique about being an Eddie.

  2. It’s empowering

    It's a powerful feeling to be addressed by our given names. National Eddie Day celebrates people named Eddie and promotes a sense of belonging.

  3. It unifies people

    If you’re struggling with loneliness, National Eddie Day is going to banish all your sad thoughts. Pop onto the internet, go to a Reddit forum, and chat with several Eddies on the holiday.

National Eddie Day dates

2024October 16Wednesday
2025October 16Thursday
2026October 16Friday
2027October 16Saturday
2028October 16Monday

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