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FriJan 31

National Seth Day – January 31, 2025

National Seth Day is celebrated on January 31 to appreciate Seths throughout the world. If you are a Seth, you should be proud that there is a day specifically for you. The name Seth, usually for males, has Hebrew origin, which means ‘appointed’ or ‘placed,’ and is associated with the teachings of the Torah. In the Hebrew Bible, Seth was the name of the third son of Adam and Eve. Many renowned people share the name, including the actor Seth Rogen, the inventor Seth E. Lover, and the producer Seth MacFarlane. So, to all Seths worldwide, the day is yours.

History of National Seth Day

National Seth Day is celebrated on January 31. The date was selected following the premiere of the well-known adult animated sitcom “Family Guy.” Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is the creator, and he is known for his work in animation and comedy. MacFarlane wrote, directed, and starred in the movie “Ted” (2012) and its sequel “Ted 2” (2015). Also, MacFarlane was one of the executive producers of the Neil deGrasse Tyson-hosted “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.”

The name Seth is usually for males and has Hebrew origin, meaning ‘appointed’ or ‘placed.’ In the Hebrew Bible, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve, born after the murder of Abel by his other brother Cain. In the late Middle Ages, England adopted the name, Seth. The Puritans then popularized the name after the Protestant Reformation. The Puritans are said to often bestow the name Seth on a child whose older sibling had died to keep with the Biblical reference as a replacement son to Abel.

There are numerous notable Seths in the world of sports, arts and literature, entertainment, politics and military, science, journalism, religion, fictional characters, and pseudonym. Regarding the pseudonym, Seth is the stage name of Patryk Dominik Sztyber, the guitarist and backing vocalist for the Polish metal band Behemoth. In entertainment, there is Seth Aaron Rogen, a Canadian actor, comedian, and filmmaker who started as a stand-up comedian. In science, there is Seth E. Lover, most famous for developing the Gibson humbucker or hum-canceling electric stringed instrument pickup, most often used on electric guitars.

National Seth Day timeline

Patent Applied For

Seth E. Lover designs the PAF humbucker while working for Gibson.

December 28, 1973
Seth Meyers

Seth Adam Meyers is born — the host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on N.B.C.

January 31, 1999
“Family Guy”

This American adult animated sitcom first premieres.

“Donnie Darko”

Seth Rogen first appears in the movie “Donnie Darko” in a minor role.

National Seth Day FAQs

Is Seth a popular name?

The name Seth was only moderately used at the turn of the 20th century.

Who was Seth in Egyptian mythology?

Seth was a sky god, lord of the desert, and master of storms, disorder, and warfare.

What does Seth mean in Scottish?

In Scottish, the surname Seth is derived from the Gaelic first name ‘Sithech,’ meaning ‘wolf.’

National Seth Day Activities

  1. Spread the word

    Tell other people about National Seth Day. If you have a friend or a family member named Seth, ask whether they know this day or not. If you are a Seth, the day is yours.

  2. Connect with other Seths

    As a Seth, you may want to celebrate National Seth Day with other Seths you know. It will be fun if you have a friend or a family member who shares the name. If not, you may want to connect with other Seths through the web or meet up with the Seths living near your location (if any).

  3. Share stories

    Nothing is more appropriate to do to commemorate National Seth Day than to discuss the name itself. A day like this may pave the way for other wonderful outcomes, including friendships and perhaps romantic relationships.

5 Renowned People With The Name Seth

  1. Seth Berkley

    Seth Franklin Berkley is an American medical epidemiologist, the founder, former president, and C.E.O. of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (I.A.V.I.).

  2. Seth Govind Das

    Seth Govind Das was a prominent politician and advocate for Indian independence who was well-known for supporting Hindi as the country's official language.

  3. Seth Kinman

    An early Humboldt County, California resident, Seth Kinman was well-known for his need for attention.

  4. Seth Beer

    Seth Michael Beer is an American professional baseball outfielder and first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball (M.L.B.).

  5. Seth Hastings

    Seth Hastings was a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, a descendant of the colonist Thomas Hastings.

Why We Love National Seth Day

  1. It’s an appreciation

    National Seth Day is celebrated to appreciate all Seths around the globe. Not all names have their appreciation day, and it's worth celebrating and recognizing when you have one.

  2. It’s a reminder

    National Seth Day is not just to celebrate the name itself. It reminds those who share the name to appreciate themselves, such as taking better care and treating themselves to nice things.

  3. It can be fun

    National Seth Day can be fun. You can celebrate it by meeting up with fellow Seths, learning about the meaning behind the name, or even just watching a movie starring an actor named Seth by yourself. You can even share information about the name with your friends and family.

National Seth Day dates

2025January 31Friday
2026January 31Saturday
2027January 31Sunday
2028January 31Monday
2029January 31Wednesday

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