National Read a Book Day – September 6, 2020

Sun Sep 6

You’re reading blogs, reports and magazines, true.  But, how long has it been since you read for pleasure?  It’s September 6,  National Read a Book Day and a perfect time to get back to that novel you started eons ago.  Life can definitely get in the way of our reading time, but setting aside quality time to read a book is a must!

Books bring new worlds to life. They enlighten us and challenge our perspectives on the human experience in ways unmatched by other media. In a world deluged by technology, National Read a Book Day encourages us to silence the noise and turn the pages for a while. Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic, a non-fiction buff, or a not-so-often reader, there’s a book just right for you.  

When is National Read a Book Day?

National Read a Book Day falls on September 6 every year.

National Read a Book Day - Survey Results

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National Read a Book Day timeline



Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer" is the first book written on a typewriter.


"The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye"

Englishman William Caxton prints the first English book on a printing press; the text is Caxton's translation of French stories about Troy.


Gutenberg Bible gives average people the chance to read the Word

The first mass-printed book is produced in Mainz, Germany by Johann Gutenberg; it's a Bible written in Latin.

National Read a Book Day Activities

  1. Read a book

    Maybe reading's not your thing and the last time you read a book was in school. But for National Read a Book Day, you can make an exception and thumb through a novel about something that interests you. Whether you like print books you can hold in your hands or digital books you swipe across the screen, decide on something and read it. You'll be glad you did.

  2. Donate books to your library

    Chances are, you have a local public library that can always use volunteers. Libraries do a lot of important work for their communities creating a safe, quiet space for children to learn. Community meetings are held in libraries and many function as polling places during elections. Donating books to your local library is a great way to share knowledge with your community, and book donations often help libraries flesh out their shelves.

  3. Read to someone else

    As humans, we were meant to tell stories. Cultures around the world have storytelling traditions that date back centuries. When you get together with your friends, you likely share stories about what you've experienced since the last time you saw each other. Whether you're telling a personal anecdote or you're reading a book aloud, sharing a story with someone else reinforces bonds and strengthens relationships.

Why We Love National Read a Book Day

  1. Books are troves of knowledge

    Before the internet, books were the main means of storing, accessing, and spreading knowledge. While the internet is amazing and efficient and better than books in a lot of ways, there are some compelling reasons to keep books around. Books come in handy during a power outage. Plus, they don't need cords or adapters.

  2. Reading makes you healthier

    Studies show that people who read frequently show less signs of stress and higher problem-solving abilities than people who don't. Reading also improves your language comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills. Frequent readers tend to be more aware of cultural differences and social issues, while showing more compassion and understanding.

  3. It reminds us to keep reading

    Reading books is almost getting to be a lost art, especially in our high-speed era of video clips and SnapChat. But National Read a Book Day reminds us that books are a great art form that we can enjoy now more than ever. We've got more access to books than past generations, and our technology makes text-based communications an intrinsic part of our lives.

National Read a Book Day dates
2020September 6Sunday
2021September 6Monday
2022September 6Tuesday
2023September 6Wednesday
2024September 6Friday