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MonMay 27

National Melissa Day – May 27, 2024

National Melissa Day on May 27 is a day that celebrates the Melissas who have existed in the world for centuries. Yes, in case you didn’t know before, Melissa is a name that has its origins in Greek mythology and is also known to be the name of some saints with special powers. This is why it was so popular for a long time in countries with a Christian population. If you are a Melissa or know a Melissa, celebrate the day by doing something traditional or something crazy that will be remembered for years to come.

History of National Melissa Day

Melissa is a girl’s name that has slowly lost popularity over time. This is because many are unaware of the multitude of meanings the single name possesses. For instance, Melissa in Ireland is used to refer to the Gaelic male name, Maoilíos (servant of Jesus). While, on the other hand, Melissa officinalis is also a plant which is known as “lemon balm.” However, the most interesting meaning behind the name exists in Greek mythology, where the name translates to “honey bee.”

Based on the ancient stories, Melissa was the daughter of the Cretan king Melisseus and one of the nymph nurses of Zeus when he was an infant. She was behind training the god during the initial years of his life. Melissa was also the one who discovered honey and began to feed it to the babies she was taking care of.

Another myth states that Melissa hid Zeus from his father for his protection and raised him with goat milk and honey. It is also said that bees were named after her. Greek mythology states that nymphs like Melissa taught men to eat natural food instead of eating each other. This is why bees are considered crucial symbols of Greek culture and are linked to knowledge, health, and power. The ancient Greek philosopher Porphyry also wrote about priestesses called Melissae, whereas Ludovico Ariosto gave the name to a fairy in his poem published in 1516. Melissa became popular as an English name sometime in the 18th century.

National Melissa Day timeline

The Rise

Melissa becomes a popular name in the U.S.

The Tunes

“Melissa,” the first studio album by Mercyful Fate, is released.

Going Down

Melissa is the 137th most popular name for girls born in the U.S.

The Fall

Fewer than 2,500 girls are named Melissa.

National Melissa Day FAQs

What does Melissa mean in India?

In India, the name means “honey bee.”

Does the name Melissa mean “honey bee?

Yes, the meaning of the name is also “honey bee” in Greek.

Is Melissa a Turkish name?

In Turkey, the name is Melis.

National Melissa Day Activities

  1. Have a Melissa party

    Want to do something different? Throw a small party for all the Melissas in town. With this gathering, you will get to socialize and make new contacts.

  2. Share the origins of the name online

    You may not realize it, but there may be many people named Melissa on your social media accounts. Post the origins of the name online to pay a special tribute to them.

  3. Tag a Melissa

    Do you have a friend named Melissa? Well, this is the right time to dig out one of her best photos with you and post it on social media with a sweet note.

5 Interesting Facts About Melissa

  1. The princess

    Legend speaks of a princess of Crete named Melissa.

  2. Saints with the name

    Saint Melissa of Boughbond is said to have cured scabies.

  3. Nicknames for Melissa

    These include Lis, Lisa, and Lissa.

  4. Melissa in Hawaiian

    The Hawaiian form is Melika.

  5. Melissa in Irish

    The Irish version is Maelíosa.

Why We Love National Melissa Day

  1. It tells us the history of the name

    Like many other names with origins in religion, Melissa is a name that has an interesting story behind it. And it's a story that many of us would not be aware of if it wasn't for this day.

  2. It shows us its popularity

    The day is important because it shows us the popularity of the name in the past years and where it stands today. Maybe a nickname of Melissa might help bring it back to the top?

  3. It celebrates Melissas

    We love the day because we can’t wait to see all the fun Melissas across the globe have on this date. And since the name is quite old, many grandmas will get to celebrate too!

National Melissa Day dates

2024May 27Monday
2025May 27Tuesday
2026May 27Wednesday
2027May 27Thursday
2028May 27Saturday

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